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not sure what's normal

the past few nights I've been crampy all over my belly, and I can feel him moving at the same time and think that's why I'm crampy. the cramp pain is not really bad more like a bleh.
is it normal to feel like this? and I don't feel my belly hardening so I don't think they are Braxton hicks.
I'm 30w1d today.

Re: not sure what's normal

  • I get cramps when she's moving too. She's transverse right now and I think she's trying to flip. But yes it can get really uncomfortable. 

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  • @MammaDoc I'm glad I'm not the only one. it's just weird cramps like it's not overly painful but it's uncomfortable
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  • I had some light but uncomfortable cramping the other night in bed and was anxious about it but she's been moving around just fine since then, and no actual pain or spotting, so I think it's just movement or uterus growing pains.  :)
  • I get the same feeling.
    I also get twitches ok opposite sides of my stomach area. One twitch at my pelvic area, one twitch at my rib cage area at the same time.
    I woke up with period like cramps this morning....
    Im sure it's ok it's just weird.
  • @maureenmce is it normal for movement pains?
    it's kinda in my lower back now wondering if it's Braxton hicks
  • Rest and drink more water.
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  • @macattack15  I haven't had any actual pains, I guess, just more like period cramps (uncomfortable but not actually painful.)  If you're having actual pain, I'd double check with your doctor just to be safe.  Generally if it's not intense pain and if there aren't any other issues (spotting, etc.) you're fine, but it's always good to have peace of mind.
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