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little guy will be 1 month, 2 weeks this thursday. i am breastfeeding and offering my bub formula afterwards to make sure he is satisfied. we use holle organic infant stage 1 formula for supplement. he's averaging 10oz consumption of formula in a 24 hour period. our little guy takes forever to eat. i let him nurse for 15-20 minutes on each breast to ensure that he is getting some hindmilk and sometimes he will reject additional formula, sometimes he will take a couple sips, 0.5 oz or 1oz, etc. after this we attempt to get him to sleep. keyword: attempt. sometimes it takes 40 minutes to settle him down and he will take a brief nap and wake up in 30 minutes-1hr for more food. he is basically eating every 2 hours from the START of his feed, not the end of his feed.

(1) are there any other mothers out there that are using holle organic and experiencing something similar? i am wondering if this formula isn't keeping him full.
(2) are there any other mothers out there that are experiencing this in general (regardless of formula). it is near impossible to get this guy to sleep for a 2-4 hour stretch.

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  • Was he early? Why is he taking so long to eat?

    If he's inconsolable for 40 minutes he may not be able to process something in that formula. Did he cry like that after bf only?
  • @baby'smom - I am not 100% certain why it takes so long for him to feed but I suspect a number of things. First, he has acid reflux. Second, he is tongue and lip tied so it is harder for him to suck from breast and bottle. The ties aren't severe enough to be clipped because he is still gaining weight well and with time they can stretch out. My husband doesn't want to clip them and I am afraid to put him through any more pain. Lastly, he falls asleep while feeding allllllll the time. Breast or bottle, I am constantly waking him up. Sometimes he wakes up hungry and takes a breast for 10 minutes and passes out.

    He was delivered at 39 weeks so technically full term.

    It takes 40 minutes to put him down because he has gas pains so he is a bit fussy. Sometimes he cries a lot other times he is just fussy. Sometimes he doesn't cry at all and his eyes are just wide open looking around. He is like this with breastfeeding only as well as bottle only.
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  • The ties are not going to just stretch out. Take it from me. My first was just like what you are describing. We never had her ties fixed and she ate every 2 hour still darn near a year old (12-14 times a day) and was up 3-4 times a night eating till 14 months with rarely over a 3 hour stretch of sleep - ever. Ties don't just stretch. If your pediatrician told you that please get an opinion from someone else who actually has experience with both lip and tongue tie revision (including posterior).

    My second daughter is now 12 weeks and we are getting hers revised next week because we are having similar reflux issues now, she has similar ties, and she has actually started refusing feeds altogether probably in part because it is so much effort for her and in part because of the reflux. I would rather her do the procedure and have some minor pain controlled with tylenol for a couple days then see what her sister went through for over the first year of her life again. If your baby is on zantac or another antacid there are going to be multiple dosage changes only indicated by him being in more pain, If you know he is tied, I would get him fixed.

    Also, ties can cause other issues: teeth not coming in right if the lip tie is severe enough, speech problems from the tongue tie (my husband had this). My oldest daughter is likely going to have to have hers clipped when her permanent teeth start coming in which is going to involve anesthesia and stiches at that age. My sister-in-law had hers done back in the 80 when she was around 1st grade. This isn't something "new" its just that formula was so popular for so long that doctors are just now starting to understand how the ties affect breastfeeding and getting them fixed earlier. Some pediatricians are just not that willing to look at the new information or do any research probably because it isn't them doing the procedure and many don't care whether your breastfeeding relationship continues. Minimum I'd get a second opinion from someone with more experience treating posterior tongue ties (the one most likely to cause issues and is virtually always present if any tie is present).
  • Poor little guy. And poor you for lack of sleep. I can relate with a lo but I'm hoping it ends soon.
  • @lalala2326 - thank you for sharing your experiences! one pediatrician told me he would benefit from a snip while two others said it was unnecessary so i am really torn! i am total chicken sh*t and the thought of the little dude under any pain or discomfort, even momentarily, gets my tears flowing. i am bringing the babe in to the pediatricians office next week for his hep B booster and i'll ask for another opinion.

    so far he seems to be eating well. he feeds by starting with a shallow latch and then moves his way upward and after every feed we offer him formula. i just dont know why he isn't sleeping 3 hours with a full belly!
  • How old is he? Also most everything I've read about feeding is from the start of them eating not the end (until the next feed). In the beginning my LO was the same. It felt like I had just got done feeding her and it was time to eat again! We've had a rough road, from reflux to supplementing and eventually a misdiagnosed case of thrush lead to my breastfeeding demise. I believe she has a lip tie which is the root of it all. I plan to have the pediatrician look at it at her next appointment because she still sucks at sucking. She's 3 months old, and takes her anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour to eat 6oz. I'm more concerned for her teeth and speech at this point.
  • Also please look at the ingredients list of your formula. Organic formulas tend to include brown rice which have high amounts of arsenic in them (10% more than the recommended daily allowance).
  • @shaley29 - hahaha sucks at sucking! let me know what your ped says about clipping tongue and lip ties. i am afraid it will be painful :0( :0(. yes this formula is free of brown rice syrup. i specifically picked this brand of formula because it has less added crap in it compared to other formulas
  • A 30 to 40min breastfeeding session every 2 hours is about right at that age still. My LO his no tongue or lip tie and spends almost an hour eating every 2-3 hours but luckily give me 4-5hrs at night. I began some formula at 6 weeks because I was still nursing constantly at that point.
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