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Pregnancy gingivitis

Since week 16 or so my gums have been so sore, swollen, and bleed. I went to the dentist and I have pregnancy gingivitis. I have always taken such great care of my teeth and it just really makes me feel like I'm not doing enough to take care of my mouth. I brush 2 daily and floss once a day. I go back to the dentist next week at 30 weeks. And I feel like my gums have gotten worse since the last time I went 3 months ago. Has anyone experienced this and is there anything out there that can make my gums healthier? It's getting painful to eat and brush my teeth, I'm am just trying to stay positive these last 10 weeks.

Re: Pregnancy gingivitis

  • It's not your fault! It's pregnancy hormones. Keep doing what you're doing and maybe call your dentist to see if there's a mouth wash or rinse he would advise.

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  • Me! I have the same problem and it feels so crappy because I do take such good care of my teeth. I went to my dentist about it and I've started Waterpic'ing my teeth after everything I eat and then rinsing with a peroxide rinse every night. But to be honest, it's not really getting better, I just don't want it to get worse. But the main thing my dentist said is don't stop brushing even if it's sore, get a soft toothbrush.
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  • Don't feel too bad! I don't think it has anything to do with what you're doing, it's just your hormones and body. I had such bad morning sickness that I could barely brush my teeth without vomiting until 15 weeks and flossing was right out. I'm finally able to brush like normal but I was sure when I went to the dentist a few weeks ago my mouth would be a mess. I just got my normal lecture about flossing better.
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