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I'm so confused need some advice please!!

So I was 11 weeks +1 on Monday (100%) and had my first scan I had no symptoms at all not sore breasts no sickness I felt normal in every way what with a 6month old to look after I felt was a godsend but apparently my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks I did a pregnancy test 7 weeks ago that said I was pregnant all my dates were recorded and we had only had sex at the start of that cycle and didn't dare after till I got the thumbs up. I'm booked in tomorrow for surgical removal but today is the first day I've felt truest pregnant my boobs have suddenly spurted and gone tender my belly seems to have grown over night been feeling queasy and just everything like I did before with my son over night.... Is it all in my head is there any chance the baby could survive this? Or am I just deluding myself out of pure hope?

Re: I'm so confused need some advice please!!

  • Did the baby have a heartbeat?
  • She couldn't see one
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  • @mrslyptikal for me personally I would probably voice my feelings to my Dr and demand they check one last time. If i didn't i would always question "what if" and thats a horrible feeling to live with... again this is just me based on how my mind works. i wish you the best. keep us posted. 
  • I agree, before I had my last d&c, I asked for an ultrasound and they confirmed the lack of HB. I am sorry you are going through this. I wish you the best of luck.
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