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Infant Care in the City

Looking for recommendations for infant care in the city. I heard good things about Bright Horizons. Anyone know about pricing? How much weekly? Any other suggestions?

Re: Infant Care in the City

  • I'm in the early stages of looking at daycares vs nannies vs nanny shares and am going to be looking at Bright Horizons, Busy Bees and Little Angels. All are in Center City.

    Any other center city philly moms here who may be interested in exploring a nanny share? I'd be looking at starting in August most likely.
  • @babyfmama I'd love to hear your thoughts on the different daycares you are looking at. I'd be interested in doing a nanny share but I'd be looking at starting closer to January 2017. 
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  • @babyfmama @mbechard I'm currently looking into daycares in CC. Do you have recommendations?
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