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We are considering using the name Livia with a variety of middle names (Rose, Grace, Margaret- my grandmother) etc. once we are finally pregnant.

We are Italian, love to travel there, and like the historical reference (great grandmother to Caligula and great great to Nero) as well as the modern reference (Tony Sopranos mother was Livia and while she was terrible, it was a great character in one of the first shows we watched together).

My only concern is that I will spend the rest of my life correcting people that it's not Olivia. Thoughts? Also, I know I'm putting the cart before the horse but I want to have some of the fun too while we are going they IF troubles.

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  • I love it and am also Italian. Our cousin used it for her DD. In our area it's not an issue it's very Italian and Hispanic populated and so it's not odd and people know it's not a unique spin on Olivia. She has only had the Olivia comments a few times. Personally I would use it and deal with correcting the few issues that come up. It's a legit beautiful name worth the occasional questioning imo

  • I think it's pretty, but I feel like she is going to correct people all the time, especially since Olivia is so popular right now.
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  • I think people will always confuse it with Olivia. I would honestly assume you were just trying to be different, like a few people I've seen use Alivia. I think Olivia Margaret is gorgeous. Livia or Liv would be great nns, but I wouldn't use Livia as a full name.
  • I really like it. I'm sure she will occasionally get called Olivia, as that is a more common name, but I don't think it would be a deal breaker.

  • Names are mistaken all the time for other names, you can't make that a factor when naming a child. It is a very pretty name. If that is what you like, use it. Who cares what others think. Once LO is born and you associate an adorable little face with a name it doesn't matter anyway.
  • I mostly ask because I had a tough maiden name and spent 30 years with people saying it wrong. I don't want to create the same for my kids either.

    I love the name. We will use it if we have a little girl. I guess I don't care if people think it's made up. I'll be more than happy to tell them it predates Olivia. It's a real name and has cultural significance to us.

  • I think you wil be correcting people constantly.

  • I love it. You may be correcting people, but even the easiest names often require correction. People are dumb.

    It's a beautiful, legitimate name!
  • Natinat6 said:
    I think you wil be correcting people constantly.
    I've made peace with it. If I have to live in a world where people think the name Brynleigh or Harley Quinn is cool, they can make room for Livia.
    oh, I thought that was your concern and reason for posting. I guess youve made peace with it since the OP

  • I love it. She will probably develop a way of introducing herself as "Livia - no O" though!
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  • Livia is a real name and has cultural significance, so why not use it? It's also Hebrew, so I've considered it as well.

  • Natinat6 said:
    I think you wil be correcting people constantly.
    I've made peace with it. If I have to live in a world where people think the name Brynleigh or Harley Quinn is cool, they can make room for Livia.

    Love your attitude, @Natinat6!  I have a difficult-to-pronounce name for most Americans and have spent my whole life correcting people (even family).  And I love my name!  I would never change it.  If you love the name Livia as much as it seems, go for it.  
  • Love it! Esp with rose/Margaret!

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  • @oceanchild those are the two I'm leaning towards as well. Both my husband and I used to watch Golden Girls with our grandmothers so Rose is special too. I feel like Margaret is more unique- Rose and Grace seem to be very standard middle names right now.
  • Same problem, different name. Our daughter is going to be Olive and we're aware that a lot of people will call her Olivia. I think Livia is pretty and people have an uncanny ability to mess up any name you throw at them anyway so I say go for it.
  • I like your attitude. If you love it go for it. I don't like it at all. But I'm not going to be saying it every day!
  • If you love it, choose it. Livia Rose, Livia Grace and Livia Margaret are ALL beautiful. 
  • I like it.
  • Well I just found out I'm finally pregnant. Livia it is if this one sticks and is a girl.

    We also have Sabina and Serena (in Italian, it's pronounced Sa-Ray-Na) in the middle name arsenal. They are both gone and people who were near and dear to our hearts. Loving all the options
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