Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

18/19 month old potty training question

Who started potty training at 18 or 19 months and we successful? We are about to start! How did it go for you?? Any tips?

Re: 18/19 month old potty training question

  • I have a close friend who started both hers at 15 months. She started slow by just having them sit on potty before morning diaper and bedtime diaper. Then for a few weeks put them in pull ups and set a timer and everytime it went off would sit them on potty. She did it slowly and with no pressure. Both were fully potty trained by 21 months. I plan to try her approach with my 14 month old next month. I'm expecting baby number 2 late April and would love not to have two in diapers full time.
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