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Hard to pump with fussy baby

I have a 2 month old girl who doesn't nap much during the day unless she's in my arms or a baby carrier. Otherwise it's just catnaps. I'm finding it hard to get pumping sessions in (to increase my supply) because of this. Any tricks or suggestions?

Re: Hard to pump with fussy baby

  • I have the same problem, so much so that I've never used my electric pump. Have you tried using a manual pump? It's more convenient and I've even (awkwardly) nursed side lying on my right breast and pumped the left leaning over her!
  • I have the Madela hand pump but I haven't tried it yet, I'll give it a shot!
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  • Are you feeding from both side at each session? If not, try a hands free pumping bra on the side you aren't feeding from. If so, could still try the hands free bra and pump both sides at the same time to save time and also be able to interact with baby girl.
    Good luck!!
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  • i have the same exact problem and basically haven't pumped since the first week baby was home. if you want to increase supply just nurse frequently and switch sides multiple times in a single feeding, consider lactation supplements (i use lactation plus by the honest company), eat oatmeal for breakfast, drink plenty of water, and if you can - get some of those lactation cookies. i haven't tried the cookies yet but its the next thing on my list to order and i have heard they really work.

    if you are looking to build up reserves in the fridge, try to increase your supply first before you do this or else your baby will have to work harder for her milk when shes nursing and get agitated. perhaps your husband can hold the baby while you pump between feedings?
  • When I was pumping I lay my baby on my legs facing me (her head by my knees) and rocked her. It was very tough but every so often I could get a 20 minute session in. Or you could pump and try to feed her a bottle at the same time?
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    @valerie1132 my LO (5.5 weeks) catnaps as well, it's hard enough having time to eat during the day! Do you try and extend the naps or do you continue the feed play sleep routine whenever your LO wakes up? When she naps for 40 mins I will just feed her more often, but when she naps for 20 minutes I don't know what to do and never get a break! I also have not had time to learn how to use my pump. My mom is coming over to help tomorrow... I hope I find the time!
  • Thanks everyone for some good ideas. Like you said Sully it's hard some days to even eat! I can definitely try some of these things. Hopefully her naps during the day will get longer (or she'll realize she actually can sleep without me holding her...). Good thing she's such a cute little bugger :)
  • @valerie1132 did you see my question about naps/feedings?
  • The naps are pretty non existent as of late. She'll fall asleep nursing but the instant i move her she wakes, or she falls asleep in the car but will wake once the moving stops. So I have just decided to pump during the day if I get the chance, then after she goes to bed for the night and after her am feed (she normally goes back down for a bit). So to answer your question I don't really have a sleep play eat routine, I just nurse when she is looking for it and play when she's awake. Now she's just got to start napping again!
  • Sounds like my days too! Yesterday she actually napped, then slept for 6 hours then four hours!
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