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So, I have noticed most of you gotte. Pregnant pretty fast after a d and c or natural passing. I recently had a miscatriage on 18/19 of October. We were talking yesterday about how we wanted to start trying ASAP. Since the mc I have been way better the first couple days whefe tought. After Thursday, I realized it happens and I can try again soon. Of course I would be nervous again. Now my question is do you see anything wrong with teying again sooner than 3 months. My doctor says 3 months by the books or at least 1 cycle. What do you tink? If the personally is emotionally anf physically ready.


  • First, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell you every doctor has told all of us different things. My dr said after my first cycle we can try. We did and we are pregnant. If I can offer anything, just work through your emotions and be sure you and your body are ready. It's a rough journey. I was/am "ready" but it was been quite a roller coaster of emotions the last 13wks! Take care & good luck on your journey.
  • I'm sorry fire your loss. I saw a fertility specialist who didn't believe that there was any science to the three month wait. With that said, I had a D&C and my first few cycles were so light that it made me doubt that I had enough uterine lining built up to support a pregnancy yet. At the earliest, off just judge off of your first cycle.
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  • We waited on cycle, per our doctors reques t. We then got pregnant the second cycle trying/3 cycle after d&c.
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Our doc said wait one cycle so we did. Didn't get pregnant the first time but did the second time. The jury really seems to be out on this - some docs say no need to wait at all others want you to wait 3+months. I'm sure it's all dependent on your circumstance and Doctor. Like others have said just make sure you give yourself the time you need. The first couple of months after my miscarriage were an emotional roller coaster from hell. I'd feel ok for a couple days and then be completely depressed for a few. It took a while to level out and I still have some sad days. Take care of yourself!

  • Thank You ladies. I appreicate it. It does seem like everyone has different answer. I have an appt coming up. So we shall see. 
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