Pregnant after a Loss

Dr appointment!!

i had my first doctors appointment today and he sent me in for blood work! I thought I would be a lot happier knowing if my hcg was rising but I'm almost more stressed... I'm terrified of finding out that it's not rising and then having to deal with knowing it's not going to work out... But at the same time I'm a control freak who wants to know everything and wants to make sure it's all going the way it should! So many emotions!!! How do you deal with the stress of test results?!

Re: Dr appointment!!

  • Since my loss, I've been doing weekly acupuncture--it has been super helpful with stress/wanting to control everything. 

    Now that I am pregnant, my acupuncturist recommends every week if possible, if not every other week throughout the 1st trimester.  It's been pricey, but I'm going to try for every other week to keep stress levels down. 

  • The good news is those have a quick turnaround, so you shouldn't have to stress for long! I'm sure your hcg will double and your progesterone will be high. Hang in there and good luck!
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