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Question about medical care after mc

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Sorry for another post, but I just had an appointment with my OB and am trying to figure out what to do. I am not trying to look for medical advice here; I am just trying to figure out if anyone else has even heard of something like this because in all the things I have read, I have not.  I would be about 6+3 today (maybe less due to dating issue with last cycle). Last week I spotted for about 5 to 6 days - it was never enough to fill a pad and much less than a regular AF - but my HCG levels started falling fairly quickly. As of yesterday's blood draw they are at about 150. I've also had some significant cramps, but nothing much worse than AF cramps. I have assumed I may need cytotec or a D&C as I've had barely any bleeding. 

I just saw OB. She didn't even do a pelvic exam. Just said my levels were falling fast enough that it would be fine on it's own. I told her that there had been very little bleeding and asked what I should do if I didn't start bleeding. She said it was fine, the spotting may have been it, and that once my levels were back to 0 I should get a period within 2 months. I had an mc before at 4+5 and there was heavy bleeding a different OB did an ultrasound and exam to make sure the mc was complete and that things looked okay after. It seems like all everything I read says cytotec/D&C will be required if mc doesn't complete on it's own. Has anyone else heard of just "leaving things alone" and waiting for next AF?

Edit: for those who didn't see previous post - I found out last week that I am definitely miscarrying as hcg levels have been falling steadily over the past week. I am concerned that I haven't had more bleeding. 

Re: Question about medical care after mc

  • I went walking to help progress my miscarriage naturally at home...I was 12 weeks, the walking also help me emotionally, it was calm and quite, the opposite of everything I was feeling inside. Sorry for your loss
  • I just posted a somewhat similar situation and now saw yours.  I MC at 5-6 weeks, and my HcG was similar to yours.  It dropped to 170 at one point, confirming the miscarriage.  When I went in prior to finding this out, they did a pelvic exam and blood test. I never had any follow up though.  My bleeding was VERY similar to yours - I think I actually described it to the doctor just as you did in your post. I had a few hours of medium to heavy flow, but honestly this MC was not as bad as a normal period, which I told the doctor.  She also said that you don't have to bleed a lot, it could be pretty simple and short.  I had some brown spotting a few days after.

    While I haven't directly heard of "leaving things alone", it seems to be the path my doctor is taking as well.  My numbers dropped fast - 170 to 18.6 within a matter of 5 days.  As long as things are progressing, you should be ok, but I would chart/journal exactly what is going on in case you have any concerning symptoms.  Take care.
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  • Thank you for your replies. I am sorry you are also going through this. @diane2218 thank you for sharing your story. I feel a little better knowing that someone else had pretty light bleeding and their doctor wasn't too concerned. I still would have felt better if she would have done an exam and/or ultrasound to make sure there wasn't something blocking my cervix or causing a problem. I did just stop prometrium last week when I found out hcg was going down, and I have heard it can take a week after stopping prometrium to really bleed. I may wait a week and if no bleeding, I might get a second opinion. We are very ready for a baby (I'm mad at myself for waiting this long as it is) and I don't want to wait to feel sick to find out that I have an infection or still not have gotten AF back two months from now because something is wrong. 
  • I had my on Monday of last week. I bleed like a light period. When I went to the restroom I bled like crazy. No Cramping! I let it pass naturally. Since, I was early it was easier. Bled for 3 to 4 days, mainly 3 havent since. Sorry your going trough this. Were hear for you.
  • marie2409, just checking to see how you are doing.  You mentioned you'd ask your doctor in a week if things weren't progressing comfortably - did you get a follow up?  Since our bleeding was similar, I wanted to let you know my HcG officially was down to 0 a week ago (I think earlier than it was tested, but either way, it's down).  Haven't had any other spotting, and also had ovulation symptoms about a week ago.  My body is pretty close to back on track I believe, maybe just ovulating a little later than typical.

    How are you feeling?  Did your bleeding ever get much worse or just taper off?
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    (Update. TMI/graphic/TW)

    @diane2218 Thanks for checking in. 

    A couple nights after my original post I started having pretty serious cramps and light to medium bleeding again. DH was away on business so I was considering just going to the ER before it became a real emergency as the cramps were pretty bad. As I was trying to decide whether to go the ER, I got up to take some advil and go to the restroom. I ended up passing the sac when I went to the restroom (I took it and buried in the garden because I felt weird about flushing it). After I passed the sac the cramps pretty much stopped immediately. I did bleed more for about 24 hours (similar to af but still a little lighter). 

    I have not done my last blood test yet, but FRER is negative now so I'm pretty confident that hcg is back to zero. I'm glad everything worked out naturally (I was really worried about the recovery time after a D&C or cytotec), but I'm still a little upset that my OB told me that the mc was probably complete when it was VERY much NOT complete. 

    The last 2.5 weeks have been really hard emotionally, but I am starting to feel more like myself again. Now I'm mostly just feeling impatient for AF so that we can try again. The thought of going through this a third time is still terrifying, but I'm feeling very motivated to keep trying. 
  • @marie2409 Hang in there. I thought mine was done on Saturday but then it happened on Sunday (it took a full week to happen from when my spotting/clots started). Its tough but once the sac passed I too started to feel more normal. My thoughts are with you. Make sure to take care of yourself and take all the time you need physically and emotionally.
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