My baby hates the momaroo and carrier

My son was born at 31 weeks gestation, and is now 10 weeks old. We did lots of skin to skin time in the NICU and he loved it. I was so excited to use something to wear him (baby k'tan) at home once he was big enough. Since that took a little while to reach the minimum weight, we held him a lot to comfort him at home initially. Once he got to 8lbs, I tried the k'tan... And he hates it! He screams and cries until we take him out. It feels very tight so I thought that may be why he doesn't like it, but I went by the sizing they give . I also tried the Bjorn thinking that may be better, but same thing.

Then we tried the momaroo, and he doesn't like that either. Occasionally, if it's not moving, he'll sit in there long enough for me to set up my pump equipment, or run to the bathroom, but then he cries again.

I don't want him crying because I know it'll negatively affect his development if he cries to much, but I have to be able to put him down once on awhile. If my husband isn't home to take turns with, I can go hours without pumping, sitting, eating, using the bathroom, etc.

Do any of you have advice on what worked with your preemies, or other strategies for soothing that may work?

Re: My baby hates the momaroo and carrier

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    I think it may just be trial and error with different babies and items. Mine doesn't love the ktan or momaroo either. The rock n play and fisher price lamb cradle n swing both happen to work for mine. Perhaps it's worth scouring used sites for some more items to try.
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    Our 10 week early preemie liked a tight swaddle in an Aden + anais wrap. Then to be put tightly in the infant insert for ergo. (Expensive carrier...can you borrow one?)

    This baby loved the fisher price swing. Would also lay swaddled in a rock n play.

    Our next babies hated the Mamaroo. I'm getting a regular swing now. The one hated k'tan too. Haven't tried it on next babe.
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    My preemie will only sleep swaddled and in my boppy pillow. He has bad gas and reflux so I keep his head elevated, and on particularly bad days I have to lay him on his stomach in the pillow, and I just keep an eye out for breathing. It's worked wonders for us. He still fusses till he falls asleep, but we don't have many meltdown days anymore.
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    I have the k'tan. My 7 week (7lbs) preemie hasn't cried when in it but I too feel like it is tight and worry about her breathing when in it.
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    We used (and still do) a moby wrap style carrier with our LO. She was born a month early. She did not like the newborn cradle position, she prefered to be upright. When she was a newborn she always cried when she was first put into the wrap. But, if I walked around for a few minutes she would fall asleep. Now she gets excited when she sees me putting the wrap on!

    Also, our LO cried almost constantly until she was 3 months. If she wasn't eating or sleeping she was crying. You can't stop them from crying 100% of the time so don't stress out too much. Hang in there, it will get better!
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    I have the k'tan and it was way too tight for us too (probably need to lose weight lol) but I got a moby wrap and he loves it. They aren't too pricey like an ergo it might be worth a try.
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