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I'm gonna lose it...

DS is almost 6 weeks old now and he has the whole witching hour thing real bad. Once it hits 6pm he's basically inconsolable until about 10pm. He just cries and cries. I've tried frequent nursing, swaddle, gas drops, swing, binky, you name it. He seems super tired but unable to fall or stay asleep. Could this be something else that I'm not aware of? Or just a fussy baby? Ahhhhh

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  • My DD is 8w and does the same thing. From 7-9 she is just pissed off. She fights sleep. Wants nothing to do with it. I have tried everything!! If you find the answer please share. I'm a ftm and thinking this is just normal. Hang in there!!

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  • Well good to know I'm not alone! We tried putting him to bed before the witching hour but then he was wide awake at 2am. So I dunno what's worse
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  • I hate to say it but this is totally normal. I have sat and cried along with both of my kids during the witching hour because nothing works. They are just fussy at that time. I promise it passes but it's awful at the time, I know.


  • One thing I can say is less is more. Keep calm, quiet, low stimulation in order to try and help baby and YOU relax. Good luck OP.


  • Lurking here:  What is this witching hour you are referring to?  I'm just lurking here to learn for future reference. 

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    Mine too (2 mo girl). I find that baby wearing helps and taking for walk outside (just wandering around the yard) helps a little because she gets distracted. Also she loves baths, so we do long baths and just let the warm water run on her for a while (downside is that she screams as soon as bathtime is over).
  • Lurking here:  What is this witching hour you are referring to?  I'm just lurking here to learn for future reference. 

    The witching hour is sometime in the late evening when babies are super fussy. They've been stimulated all day and by the time 6 or 7pm rolls around they are a mess and very, very difficult to console. It's very normal but a lot of new moms don't realize this and get pretty frustrated because the baby cannot be soothed. I've experienced the witching hour with both of my kids, around the 1-2 month mark and it usually runs from about 7-10pm every night. Luckily it passes, but it's rough.


  • My son usually gets fussy around 5pm to 10pm, not as bad as colic but just not his usual content self. I started just putting him in his baby ktan and doing some housework around 4 to 5 before his time starts. If it's nice out we do a stroller walk too. Find a relaxing activity baby likes and it can offset the fussy time a little. As far as colic I think you just have to know they outgrow it on their own.
  • im on the same boat except our witching hour is from 12AM-4AM!!! i dont think there is anything we can do other than to ride it out.
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