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EBF to pumping

I'm going from EBF to formula feeding and giving LO bottle of breastmilk when I can. I still put him at the breast occasionally but that is usually after he's had formula and wants a little more. I'm not filling him up on breastmilk alone. I was wondering if my milk supply would drop or completely stop because I'm going from EBF to pumping? I'd like to at least give him a bottle or two of my breast milk until he's 6 months and I'm hoping my supply lasts until then.

Re: EBF to pumping

  • Your supply should adjust for whatever you are giving baby. As long as baby is at the breast each day you will not stop completely. If supply drops below what you want just put baby on the breast a little more. Pumping alone may or may not give you as much milk as you want to give baby.
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