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Anyone have cramps? Mine were very frequent but have subsided a bit, anyone else experience this ?

Re: Cramps?

  • I had little cramps early on near my ovaries. As long as you're not bleeding I'd try to take it easy, put your get up and try to drink some more fluids.
  • I have cramps on occasion, but it is hard to figure out if they are from my uterus, or something I ate.  Most times it is something I ate.  Anyway cramping is normal, but if you are concerned call your doctor and ask to speak to a nurse.
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  • I've had cramps periodically this whole time too. Never really painful, more just nagging and kind of worrisome. Everything I've read indicates it's pretty normal and so far all is good with my pregnancy. Like others said, take it easy and if you're really worried call the doctor.

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