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Quickening versus Gas, help

So I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow but I get like almost a tap here and there, sometimes multiple times a day, and sometimes only a few times.
It's like a light jab from the inside, I have had what feels like a twitch or spasm but I'm not sure If this is gas or the baby.
Most of the time it's down low to mid belly and on both sides.

Anyone know how to tell the difference? I feel like I don't remember feeling anything like this for gas pre pregnancy.

Re: Quickening versus Gas, help

  • It could definitely be baby. You're 19 weeks so I'd say if you're not sure now, you will be very soon! :)
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  • That's what it feels like for me and I'm positive it is the baby, but none of us can really tell you 100% what you're feeling. You just have to trust and read your body. You're the only one who really knows it!
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  • It's probably baby at this stage!!!!! Exciting, huh? I just started feeling it too. :x

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    Clicking feelings I count as gas.... things that feel more like a muscle twitch or movement I assume are baby.... notice it the most sitting in class or when I lay down at night

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  • It's probably the baby! I have similar feelings. Like a tap, mostly on the left side of my low belly. Sometimes happens once a day sometimes more. Can't be that gassy right
  • For me, I feel the baby most when I lay on my back. The weight from my tummy makes the sensation stronger, and I can differentiate between what's in my uterus and what's in my intestines way better. I feel like someone is applying rollerball deodorant to the inside of my tummy with almost a cramp, but not as painful. No jabs or kicks. My nurse confirmed what I was feeling while listening to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler because you can hear movement, too. If no toot follows the rumble, it's the baby!
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