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I need advice

Hey there fellow mommies,I need some advice

I've been planning a trip to visit my friend and her family that live about 3-4 hour drive away...we've planned this for months now.

I've been really excited to see this friend and take the trip.however this morning I wake to a text message letting me know that her 15+ month old son has a cold.

What do I do? I want to go, but I don't want my LO getting sick. What would you do? If you suggest rescheduling how would you suggest it to my friend so It's not rude/upsetting?

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Re: I need advice

  • here are a few things I'd take into consideration: 

    - does the sick baby have a fever or any other troubling symptoms? if it is truly just a cold — no fever, no vomiting, no cough – I'd consider going (assuming the sick baby had not shown any of the troubling symptoms after 48 hours and showed signs of getting better at that point). 

    - is my baby 100% healthy or for any reason more susceptible to illness? 

    - is my baby full immunized? this protects babies from some — but of course not all — of the more serious illnesses they could catch.

    Assess the situation and make your OWN decision. Do not go because you are afraid of being rude (women are always afraid of being rude, but we need to learn to honor our gut over someone else's feelings). Your baby comes first, not your friends' feelings and if she's a mum, she will understand. 

    You could always email your doctor to check-in.   
  • Thank you for the advice!  All very good points...i did end up telling my friend i'd rather reschedule and she was completely OK with it (and admitted that her and her husband were possibly coming down with the same cold).
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