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My pregnancy acne is crippling

It is so out of control and makeup won't even cover it anymore I'm 22 and I'm not a teen anymore. Does anyone have anything that worked miracles for them. I attached a picture of mine in case anyone solved their issue. Everyone keeps telling me it's hormones and stress because we are moving but I seriously don't even want to leave the house anymore it's so bad :(

Re: My pregnancy acne is crippling

  • Sounds so nerdy but during my last pregnancy my skin was horrible. I couldn't use any of the retinoid products I was used to and I asked my doc if proactive was ok since a pregnant friend recommended it. She said yes. It worked WONDERS, I tell you. My skin was pretty clear from that point on and cleared completely after pregnancy. So far my skin is ok this time but would use it again if it came back.
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  • @TXmamatobe I am going to ask my gyno Tuesday and order it! That would be awesome if I could take that!
  • It sounds counter productive but I actually make a face wash out of coconut oil with tea tree and lavender essential oils. Works wonders. For spot treating, I use frankincense. It's what convinced me that essential oils can really work. Best part? No chemicals and all of those oils are safe for pregnancy (not all oils are).

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  • I've been using tea tree oil topically after washing my face, and it's slowly helping. Hoping it will keep working.
  • I have been using Belli products which are for pregnancy and they have been very helpful!
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    My skin has been ok so far but last pregnancy I started breaking out a lot. I used Cerave facial cleanser and it cleared up. Maybe because it's so gentle?

    Come to think of it that's probably why my skin is clear this time around. I'm still using it.
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  • I would go to a dermatologist. When mine looked like that with my first, she prescribed Finacea and it worked really well.


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