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Is my baby ok?

Ok. So I've been having a hard time these last couple of weeks because I'm so worried if my baby is ok or not. I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks but now I'm 11w3d. Next week will be the first time I get to see him or her. I was wondering if vomiting was a way of knowing if my baby is alive and moving in there?

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  • Every woman has a different experience regarding pregnancy. Some women are best friends with a toilet while some never have morning sickness. Regardless, throwing up is not a sure fire way to know if you are progressing normally. My doctor said that 50% of women having morning sickness and 50% don't. Just luck of the draw.
  • I know how you feel, I found out at about 6 weeks and will be 11 weeks tomorrow. My first ultrasound is next week too. I am so worried because in the first part of September when I didn't know/think I was pregnant I partied my a$$ off on the long weekend and did some stuff I am praying did not effect my baby. I have had no morning sickness at all, have had back aches, sore boobs and headaches tho... we went to my midwife last week and heard the heart beat so that was re-assuring for hubby and I :) Hope all goes well :)


  • Aww that's so sweet! I'm so ready to hear my baby heart beat. At the beginning I had terrible morning sickness for two weeks straight, no break if being sickness, now I just throw up every other day. So that's why I'm just worried like, is it doing ok, its my first pregnancy so I really don't know what to expect and I hope all goes well for you guys Also.. Having people up here to talk to is a big help.
  • I mean no break of being sick* typo
  • Yes it does help, this is my first one too, no idea what to expect. But I think shes right, some ppl get sick and some don't. I have had friends that were non stop sick the whole time! Others not at all. I'm sure everything is fine!


  • I haven't thrown up once. I've seen my baby twice, and it's perfectly healthy.
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  • I totally understand the worry. I've been super sick for 2 wks then all of a sudden it stopped. I'm only 9 wks and started getting nausea again so I assume it's all good.
  • My symptoms come and go. My boobs used to hurt so much, then they'd stop hurting for a few days and then start up again. Now at 12 weeks they don't hurt much at all. I used to worry about symptoms/lack there of all the time. The baby has been healthy each time I've seen it. 

    I'm assuming my placenta is kicking in and doing more of the work so everything is starting to normalize a bit. That's probably starting to happen to you too. 
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