Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone else worried about being a statistic ?

I'm 4 weeks today. I had a miscarriage in July. When we found out in June we were pregnant I knew 3 other girls who were also. Miscarriage happens to 1 in 4 and of course I was the statistic. Now I'm pregnant again and know a bunch of others who are too. I feel like I could be the statistic again. Anyone else ??

Re: Anyone else worried about being a statistic ?

  • Hope this helps. I think a lot of us share your concern but are working hard to stay positive:
  • I shared this yesterday with someone else and it really has helped me. It doesn't require hope or positivity, just taking care of you. Every time you worry, ask yourself "Is this thought helping me?"  My resounding answer was "Hell, no." And it actually stopped the worries. Then I just try and forget. Be good to yourself.
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    Me: 42, DH: 46, Married: 11/12
    Losses: MMC#1 11/12 BO, MC#2 11/13 at 8w BO?, MMC#3 8/14 chromo healthy M @12 weeks, stopped growing at 10.
    Negligible AMH, FSH finally went high. Pursued DE.

    DD born at 38w2d on 5-27-16. Finally!!

    Pregnant again with OE. EDD 11/9/17 Girl!

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  • They say that having one loss doesn't make you any more likely to have another one, but I like to think that since we've already had one (and assuming it was due to a genetic abnormality like they usually are), we're actually less likely to have another one (since we've already had one). I just gave birth to my rainbow baby last month after a trisomy 13 loss and I was scared, but it is possible. Are you opted for any of the cell-free DNA tests like Materna Plus?
  • I have no idea we haven't even gotten that far yet. I've never gotten past the first ultra sound. This will be our second pregnancy
  • Are they going to check your hcg2 and progesterone? That can give you piece of mind.

    I know it doesn't "make you feel any better," but if your loss was early it probably was genetic...and you're no more likely than anyone else to have another one. I had a missed miscarriage that I found at 9 weeks, but the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks. Because of that we choose to do Materna Plus. I think it can be done as early as 10 weeks, but it gave us piece of mind throughout my pregnancy and we even had a "scare" after having our 18-20 week scan done.

    I know it's scary and it's hard to believe that you'll be able to have a healthy pregnancy that results in a baby, and you never stop worrying (not even after the baby is born), but you're already doing everything you can by trying again anyway and congratulations! My nurse told me something that I took to heart. She told me that she knew I was going to worry, but asked me to try to enjoy my pregnancy for one hour each day. That made me feel like it was O.K. to worry so I tried to do just that. Also, make sure your doctor knows how you feel. They brought me in for extra ultrasounds and humored me in my little ritual of not looking at the screen until they found a heartbeat. I think I did that until 18 weeks! I believe that this pregnancy will be normal and healthy for you...but I'm sending you positive thoughts, sticky baby dust and prayers just for fun. <3
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