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Neural tube defects

got word yesterday that we are at high risk for Neural tube defects. Trying not to freak out. Have another ultrasound in 2 weeks where they have to take additional images to get more information about the risk. Anyone had any experience with this?

Re: Neural tube defects

  • I don't have any experience, but I am sending T&P your way.
  • Here for support <3

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  • No experience here but lots of T&Ps your way.
  • Just curious if you are high risk because of a blood test result or because of something spotted on a previous ultrasound?  We found out yesterday that our second trimester screen (blood test) came back high risk for neural tube defects, however we already had our anatomy scan and everything looked good so our doctor said she wasn't worried.  She is having us do another detailed ultrasound with a specialist just to be sure.  It's still nerve wracking, but made me feel a little better.  Plus I have read that the blood tests often have false positives for high risk indicators.  Not exactly sure what your situation is, but I hope this helps, and sending T&P your way!
  • That sounds similar to me. It was after my second blood test.
  • T&P!  :(

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  • I had a pregnancy that we had that (baby tested positive for Down's syndrome) the pregnancy didn't make it and I had 2 more miscarriages, went to another doctor that did extra blood testing, found out that my enzymes didn't break down folic acid at all and got on a certain type of folic acid and now I'm 18 weeks. T&P
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