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My daughter is "Kensley".  The name has a lot of meaning for our family.  Both grandfathers were Kenneth and both parents have a middle name of Lee so we combined them.  We love her name!  We are now expecting baby #2 and have begun the search for a name to go with Kensley.  Requirements are:  Girl must have a middle name of Elizabeth, Beth, or Paige.  Boy's middle name will be Hall.  We are struggling bc I teach school and so many names remind me of children I have taught.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • That's a really cool story behind her name.

    Some girl suggestions:

    Some boy names:

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  • I would name the second child after their grandmothers, since the first was named directly after her grandfather's.
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  • I am curious about family names. Are there any other grandparents that have names that you might want to use?

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  • Our grandmothers names are/were:  Arlene, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Francis.  That's where the middle name of Elizabeth would come from.  The rest we aren't crazy about.

  • If you want to do another combined family name, you could do Arlene & Elizabeth -- Bethlene. I looked online, it's a name.
  • Francis/Frances is used for both genders. You could also useore elaborated forms of Francesca or Francisco/Franco.
  • Kensley and...

    Adelaide Beth
    Elena Beth / Elena Paige
    Calista Beth / Calista Paige
    Eden Elizabeth
    Gemma Elizabeth / Gemma Paige
    Savannah Paige (Savi is a cute nn)
    Brenna Elizabeth
    Tessa Elizabeth
    Laila Paige

    Luca Hall
    Everett Hall
    Asher Hall
    Declan Hall
    Micah Hall
    Carson Hall
    Bennett Hall
    Grayson Hall
  • My DH also works in a school and it was hard for us to name our children so they would not remind him of students. We have so far ended up with Owen, Eloise and Emeline.
    Good luck!
  • You could combine Arlene and Francis and go with Francine, nn Frankie.
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