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What were your baby's milk allergy symptoms?

I don't know whether my baby is sensitive to the cow's milk in my diet. She sometimes fights breastfeeding, bobs on my breast, sometimes refuses to latch. She arches and gets a bloated belly.
We have separate bf issues including a still very damaged left nipple for which i need a shield and she has a partial aversion to the right breast. We had a tongue and lip tie revised which i don't feel were very successful.
I'm trying to determine whether to eliminate dairy products from my diet but it's a huge undertaking and I don't want to do it unless needed. (For goodness sake even deli meat has some milk protein in it!)
No rash, hives, wheezing, eczema, vomiting. Hardly any spitting up.
But she cries a lot, not sure if she's colicky.
So what made you eliminate cow's milk/dairy from your diet?
[I posted this to my monthly board and the 0-3 month board as well.]

Thank you.

Re: What were your baby's milk allergy symptoms?

  • My son had severe rashes over his head, face, ears, and diaper area. He also had green, mucousy poops with occasional blood. He didn't cry as much as scream, and spit up a lot. It got worse if I had pizza or tofu. I elimated dairy and soy.
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  • My baby had blood in stool, cried when fart/poop. She sharted constantly, recurring diaper rashes. Hard belly. It was bad. We took out diary and soy since she was 6 weeks as advised by her pedi. Been a total change. She is a happy baby ebf for over 5 months and counting. :)
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  • I'm lactose intolerant myself so I am already dairy free, but my baby had bad gas to the point that it was waking her up at night and we had to spend a lot of time massaging her belly and doing bicycles with her legs to help her fart for relief. I eliminated eggs (I was eating them regularly) and added gas drops and she has improved a lot!!! I also read that regular tummy time can help move gas along. Good luck!!!
  • My LO had blood and mucous in his stool, arched his back and was very fussy after eating. I didn't know it was a milk protein allergy until I was talking to our pediatrician about how fussy he was after eating (I was thinking possible reflux) and she asked to see one of his poops. Luckily, he's 7 months now and has grown out of it. Cutting all milk was super hard but it helped me lose weight haha. I ate a lot of chicken/beef and rice and vegetables and fruits. After 7 months of no dairy, I honestly don't miss it. Occasionally I'll have pizza or yogurt, but I don't really like the taste of dairy now. Good luck and it shouldn't last forever!
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