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Nursery! How are you decorating?

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Pick the option that applies most closely to your situation. And if you have pictures of your nursery/links to a Pinterest board/anything else you want to share online with creepy internet strangers, feel free!
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Nursery! How are you decorating? 150 votes

Decorating for a girl
20% 30 votes
Decorating for a boy
20% 31 votes
Decorating for TWINS!
2% 3 votes
Decorating for either (Team Green)
13% 20 votes
Decorating for either (so that I can reuse it and save money/time!)
12% 19 votes
This is not my first baby and the nursery is already done. Not redoing it.
10% 16 votes
Decorating for a specific sex, but I don't know which one yet!
6% 9 votes
I don't have a nursery
6% 10 votes
Decorating for a puppy. Or a duck. Or something . . . I'm not sure . . . my ultrasound didn't look anything like a baby
0% 1 vote
None of this applies to me because . . .
7% 11 votes

Re: Nursery! How are you decorating?

  • I decorated for my first and found it to be a waste of time and money, even though it was cute. We spent so little time in there. When we moved, I didn't put up any of the artwork because it seemed so babyish. DD's room is now a play room, since we had share, so I'm not going to specifically decorate for this baby. I need to find some cool art work to put up though.
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  • We decorated with elephants for DS1 and DS2 will move into that room while DS1 gets a new big boy room.
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  • We decorated with elephants for DS1 and DS2 will move into that room while DS1 gets a new big boy room.
    This is similar to us. Each new baby bumps the current occupant out of the nursery to another room. We have a neutral nursery that we have used twice now for both DD and DS: some framed art prints on the walls, a framed B&W photo of each of the kids as newborns, etc. Colors are primarily green and brown with a bit of a moon/stars theme mixed in. I usually move something around or add a little something new when I'm nesting, but the furniture/paint/curtains/big stuff always stays the same.

    This is one of the prints I have in the nursery: I actually have two prints from this Etsy shop in the nursery and two in DD's room. I just love them!

    @flowerpower5838 I'm in LOVE with your girl theme and your colors!! I can't justify redecorating for each baby, but it's very hard not to when you post awesome inspiration!
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  • @maelic My mom kind of side-eyed me for this exact reason lol and I figure I can make it look like how I want since baby won't care for the first two or so years! If I'm going to have to look at it/make those decisions they may as well be ones I'm excited about. But I can totally see how silly it seems to some to put the effort into something that may be changing in a year or two anyway.

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  • @ClaireBear90 I love that print - it reminds me of the illustrations in The Little Prince. The only way I got DH to "agree" to the sex-specific décor is by me promising to DIY a bunch of it. But like you mentioned, the big stuff will remain the same with sequential kiddos!  

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  • We won't be decorating since we're in an apartment now that we rent but will be looking into buying a place next year. All your ideas are super cute though! If I were to do anything it would be very neutral and bright and basic.

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  • DD is 16 months old and she is only starting to appreciate the wall decor that we put up almost 2 years ago.  She also doesn't like to change her diapers or clothes in her room anymore.  The only time she is in there is to sleep and bed time story.  For baby #2, we are moving DD to the guest bedroom (will convert it to her room) so no new decor for the baby.
  • This little guy will be sharing a room.  It's going to be a steampunk-inspired (bronze accents, gears, airships, pirates, fairies, etc.). 

  • We are doing lots and lots of pink and polka dots and Hello Kitty for our little lady.
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  • We're having another girl. The nursery will be a linen color because I like colors kids can grow into and you can change up accessories to update it with minimal fuss. It'll have white accents to start (lamps, curtains, etc.) with a few elephants thrown in for fun.

    My first DD's room was green (think the inside of a lime). Over the years we had nursery rhyme paintings, then pink florals, and purple butterflies. About two years ago she asked for a blue room in a fairy garden theme so we painted the room, reused the butterflies, and added oversized flowers.

    I watched a few friends spend a small fortune
    redoing their childrens' rooms every other year because the themes were too age specific. I'm not knocking them, just saying I have neither the time, resources, or patience to redecorate that often, so simple and generic it is ;)
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    We chose not to find out the sex, so we're doing yellow and grey for colors. Lite gray walls with an accent wall with white and grey horizontal stripes. White furniture, yellow patterned rug, grey yellow and white bedding. Chevron patterned accents. I also found some awesome Eric Carle artwork printed on encyclopedia pages on etsy, I'll frame those in yellow and white frames.

    The simple colors and children's book theme should be timeless so we can reuse for future babies.
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  • I've always loved gray and yellow together, so that was my plan before we even found out gender. I had a strong feeling it was a girl, so I had more girly things in mind. However, we found out we're having a boy, haha, so I've decided to keep the yellow and gray theme, and throw in some Minions since they are my favorite thing ever. I already have a minion bank, this just gives me an excuse to go buy more minion stuff! Just hoping we get a place that will allow us to really decorate, we're in a 1 bedroom until next June, when baby will be about 3-4 months, so not decorating too much to start :(
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  • DD was team green so the nursery was navy/white/grey with a nautical theme. This LO will be in the same room and will have the same theme (DD moved into a big girl room). The rest of my house is covered in girly pink toys, I'm sort of looking forward to going back to a totally neutral room!
  • I never had an need to decorate a nursery for me it was a waste of time and money. Their was a crib changing table a book case and glider and nueral painted walls, instead once my boys turned 3 and got their big boy beds that is when I took them shopping and they picked what they wanted for their room. Now that they are older a few posters changed on their walls but they actually remember shopping for their beds and stuff it's a cool memory for them.
  • I'm sharing our master bedroom and decorating an area for our little one. I'll be going with elephants and the colors turquoise, grey, and coral. I'll be refurbishing and distressing my girls' crib into a turquoise color. So super excited to see how it will all turn out!!
  • @KayDMom Sounds super cute! Love those colors together :)

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  • We are doing a vintage fire themed nursery this time. Pretty much everything will be neutral though with only wall art, decorations,and fabrics being colors other then we are trying to find a vintage looking fire truck or firefighter border for the top of the wall.... and I need to get a cricket, buy some die-cuts, or have someone make me some diecuts of firetrucks, firefighter silhouettes, and dalmatians for a mobile (similar but not as big as daughter's).

    For my daughter's room (she will be five next month) we picked her room when we found out the gender based on the color scheme (pale green), added a flower boarder, and then I made the attached mobile (each butterfly cut out by hand from stock- I vowed not to do that ever again!) and she had drapes over her blackout curtains that were pale pink with white script that said sweet dreams. family tried to make her room a winnie the pooh theme, because they hated my lack of theme, but it never stuck. She has decided she likes the colors of her room so we recently switched out the drapes to purple frozen valances and added a purple rug.
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    KayDMom said:
    I'm sharing our master bedroom and decorating an area for our little one. I'll be going with elephants and the colors turquoise, grey, and coral. I'll be refurbishing and distressing my girls' crib into a turquoise color. So super excited to see how it will all turn out!!
    You have probably seen them but they have super cute coral/teal elephant stuff at hobby lobby! Those were my colors for a girl. :)

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  • I am doing grey, navy and green for our little guy with some elephant stuff nothing too over the top "themey". I had a 20% off coupon so just ordered his bedding from PBK. So excited! We are doing gray walls, navy bedding and curtains and I have a dresser that I am going to redo in this color green. I was also excited I found the same changing pad cover on Etsy for cheap. Also ordered this rocker! image


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  • We painted our nursery this weekend. We went with burnished clay from behr for the walls. The color is perfect for a nursery. We are also doing white furniture and light pink bedding.
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    I'm having a girl. This is the 3rd daughter Plus I raised my much younger sister since preteen. So I'm a little bored with pink and purple. For some reason I really wanted polka dots this time. I found and went with this yellow and white dot. It had white wallpaper with yellow birds and dots.I found a mobile white doves.
  • I did NOT want to do jungle/ animal theme but DH fell in love this bedding and it was the first time he was actually excited about baby stuff so I went with it. It won't let me post a picture right now but I got this 5 foot tall giraffe for decorations.
  • My baby and my toddler (well 21 month old) will share a room. We have a bit of work to do but when it's done I think it'll look great. There won't be a theme but we'll refine what's there now. The room is large and l-shaped (currently there is storage in the 8' x 4' space so the toddler bed will move in there and we should have lots of room with some rearranging.

    We had just reno-ed the room before we found out I was pregnant with our first so we kept the white floors and white walls (heated tile, definitely no white carpet!) and made colourful splashes - we have a teal crib that my hubby DIYed (I also fell in love with a $1,500 teal crib, we spent $80 with materials on ours) and will be painting a small bookcase/toy storage the same colour teal. We'll be adding orange/grey/Aqua polka dot full-wall details above the kids beds and reusing some of the artwork such as alphabet cards strung up with mini clothes pins and 2' yarn letters (perfect soft artwork for paranoid moms above baby's crib!

    We're hoping that this room will work for 2/3 years until we move to a house. The housing market is ridiculously expensive where we are and saving a downpayment will take that long. We looooove our neighbourhood so we decided to stick it out in a decent size 2 bedroom apartment we love and wait for a bigger space. Ask me again 6 months into maternity leave if I think it's still a good idea ;)
  • @jenniferamcooper my almost 2 and 4 year old will share a room when this baby comes. I'm nervous but mostly excited for it. They've shared a room before on vacation, etc. so I know there will be lots of giggles and fun times. :)
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  • We are keeping our son in our first "nursery" since he is used to it being his room and we do not want to turn his world completely upside down when baby gets here. Instead, we are turning our spare bedroom into another nursery. We painted the walls gray and the curtains and bedding with be navy blue. I am doing a Peter Pan theme in the nursery by framing quotes from the book purchased off from Etsy. We are having another boy!
  • @ClaireBear90 I'm more so worried about baby waking up toddler when we do the transition from room sharing in the cradle with my husband and I to 2 year old and 1/2 month old sharing a room. I shared a room with my little brother when he was a baby (I was 11 - my parents thought they were done, downsized and couldn't sell their house!) the biggest perk is that I learned to sleep through anything!

    I would have loved to share a room with a sibling when I was young but that could be my only-child syndrome talking.
  • I am so excited to decorate. When ds was born we lived in an apartment and couldn't do anything. Now that we are in our house this is a good excuse to do both ds's room and the nursery. We decided to do both rooms the same two colors but bring one color in each to the forefront. Ds wants an underwater theme since he is Octonauts obsessed and can't get enough of sea creatures. His is going to be blue as a primary color and Aqua/green blue as an accent. And the little brothers will be the reverse. i am not sure if we will reuse the Winnie the pooh items from ds or go with a new theme entirely. I like decorating so I have no problem redoing themes in a few years as the munchkins get older.
  • I rent so I can't do any painting. We might choose a theme for blankets, but that's about it.
  • We live in an apartment. But they painted the walls a warm beige with white trim, so I like to coloring. I bought a few Winnie the pooh wall art things, so those will be going up. Most of the stuff we have is Winnie the pooh.
  • DD#2 will move into DD#1's room. So no decorating required. We didn't decorate a lot for DD1 as when we had her we didn't know the gender, so we kept the room the Tiffany blue colour we had painted it years prior and then after she was born accented with pink curtains and bedding and some pictures. I want to do a proper little girl's room for DD1 though since the room she is moving to is a bright apple green and I think it's just too bright for a toddler's bedroom.
  • @kellygrace2 if you run out of time to decorate before baby comes my friend has a toddler's room that is apple green with a bunch of hot pink accents and some purple. It's pretty cute!
    I understand wanting to decorate something special for her... but if time runs out, don't feel bad!
  • Ours will have a Noah's Ark theme. We are team green, so we will be putting in a chair rail and painting half green and the other part yellow.
  • We decided to go with a transportation theme, mostly travel and airplanes.
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  • We aren't really doing a theme...just picking things we like and anticipating that as he grows his preferences will show up (as they did with our first). The carpet (which we won't be replacing for now) is a seafoam green, not my first choice in color. So, everything else is really neutral: greige walls and glider, natural wood crib, and white dressers with black handles. We're getting a bit black and white geometric rug to play down the carpet, and I'm using some paint dipped feathers from our chickens suspended from a painted branch from our property to make a hanging art piece. For the walls we're going with bright prints and quotes, like robots or monsters or the alphabet...nothing too themed or matchy. I'll keep the crib sheets and changing pad covers neutral (white)...hoping he likes it!
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    I've used the same nursery stuff for all my boys, so I'm pretty excited to do a girl nursery!  Benjamin will keep the boy bedding and we recently purchased a new convertible crib & dresser in a dark stain for him, so we'll move the all-white nursery furniture to the girl nursery.  I've had the hardest time finding girl bedding I like and will coordinate with the light green upholstered chair that we have and my friend offered me this Hayley bedding that her little girl just outgrew so I think we'll use that.  It's not exactly my style, I'm not that into little critters but I think it will turn out cute!  I'm just not going to get into decorating the room with tons of additional owls and birds and stuff.  

    On another note, is anyone else waiting until after the holidays to start their nursery?  This baby will be getting our final bedroom, which is a guest room/playroom now, so I want to wait until after the holidays to be guest-room-less.  Hopefully I'll still have energy left to do the nursery!
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  • @bntfroggie us too, mostly airplanes! Well if it's a boy, we find out Friday!
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