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Babymoon this winter--are you thinking about it too?

Hey mamas--
I'm only 5w5d, but I'm already thinking about a Babymoon. Too soon?! :) I think it's mostly because the weather is turning here and going somewhere warm in winter is a matter of self-preservation.

Anyone else thinking about it or have good recommendations? I'm thinking February or beginning of March. Warm and sunny is my only condition :).

Re: Babymoon this winter--are you thinking about it too?

  • Warm and sunny sounds amazing you should do it!

    We're absolutely doing a Babymoon. It's a little complicated right now because we're moving from LA to NY in 4 weeks but my husband wants to go to Key West before I am sentenced to the ground (no flying). I'm happy just driving up to New England for a weekend too and sitting by the fire.
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  • We are due in February and doing a mini baby moon to Miami for Art Basel in December. Last time I'll be able to fly so planning to enjoy a bit of sunshine and art and relax!
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  • For our first we went to the Big Island Hawaii - it was a great break before the baby arrived.  This time we have a toddler so I can't classify any trip as relaxation but we'll squeeze in at least a quick trip to Europe before its too late.
  • We were going to baby moon in Tulum, but due to CDC travel recommendations for Zika Virus we are cancelling and postponing the tropical vacation until the little gal gets here. Might end up at a spa in the mountains instead in the meantime.
  • We were planning a trip to St John in the Virgin Islands, but similar to others we canceled because of the Zika virus. We only had a long weekend to work with so we're doing a low key trip to Charleston, SC and staying in a really sweet (but also luxurious) inn.
  • Zika is such a bummer! Sorry you gals had to cancel your trips. My husband is doing a weekend with his dad fishing in the Bahamas and I'm doing a weekend trip with my mom, then we are doing a trip just the two of us (and our dog) upstate for a romantic snowy (hopefully) weekend late Feb. I can't wait. 
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