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Increasing milk supply

For the past week my milk supply has decreased I ebf and usually can pump off 10-15oz a day as well as LO feeding 8-10 times. Now LO can feed but he's getting cranky with the drop in supply my breasts feel as if they are empty even tho he can get milk out. Its been a week of Lo being frustrated. Is there anything I can eat or drink to increase my supply again.

Re: Increasing milk supply

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    Brewers yeast, flax seed and oats. I put them in smoothies or biscuits
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    I made pumpkin spice lactation cookies I found on pinterest...they were delicious! And I saw an increase in milk supply the same day. They had yeast, oats, and flax in them.
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    I've just bought flax pumpkin and sunflower seed mix I had two tablespoons with a bowl of oats and yoghurt. Will this help? Should I eat more?
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    Fenugreek is a good supplement, if you don't mind pills.
    Mother's Milk Tea, oatmeal, Malt-o-meal, and yogurt all have helped me.

    I have started to have Malt-o-meal or Oatmeal for breakfast everyday. I can mix in different fruits or sugars/syrups. 

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    I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, and I drink gatorade everyday too (not sure if that helps). My LO sleeps from 11-5:30 every night and after she is up and had a nibble on one of my boobs I stay up and pump until I am completely drained. Back to bed since she sleeps from 6-9 - by then I have replenished for her to be able to eat again. The pumping in the morning has really helped me increase my supply and stock up on freezing milk - I get at least 7oz or so every morning to freeze. I also try to pump once a day if I can...sometimes I can't because my LO doesn't really like to be put down much, but the odd day she will sit in her swing or bouncy chair for 20 min long enough for me to get 10 min a side pumped. 

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    Lactation cookies! I just posted a link on FB about this! They are delicious and helped with supply!
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    Ambermom043Ambermom043 member
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    Tried Gatorade, it did nothing for me. Oatmeal seemed to help a little bit.
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    Thank you for the ideas. How do I get added to the Facebook page?
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    I eat oatmeal sprinkled with brewers yeast powder almost every morning. I pump noticably less when I skip it. How many weeks pp are you? Honestly it sounds to me like you had a bit of an oversupply. It may just be that your body is better regulating now. I remember reading on kellymom that around 8 weeks you will stop getting that extremely full feeling. It's not really that you've lost your supply but that your body has figured out exactly what it needs to produce for LO. Good luck!
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    Thanks I'm 10wk pp ill read that now :)
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    So I saw my lactation consultant after my supply tanked from nearly 15 oz a day down to barely 5 oz.  I knew I had definitely gotten lazy and dropped a lot of breastfeeding sessions...and started working as well.  Anyways, I increased my sessions and even breastfed him more (and comfort nursed him).  It seemed to help, but very little.  I already drink plenty of water.  So then I started popping those awful fenugreek pills.  That helped very little as well.  So anyways after my lactation consultant did some research and watched me pump she noticed my nipple shields may be too small (I use the medela PISA).  She increased the size and even with that feeding more milk came out but it wasn't a drastic change until just a few hours ago when I got close to 4 oz this past session.  I haven't pumped that much in a while during a session...I had been getting 1 oz if i'm lucky.  So anyways I say all of that to say this lol.  Check your breast flanges to make sure they are the right size and also make sure you are getting enough suction from your pump :).  Oh and I also recently started taking the brewers yeast pills so that might have helped as well.  Good luck!
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