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Bottle flow too fast?

So my newborn is 3 weeks old this week and I have to return to work part time (twice a week) and will be pumping. My husband and I have tried to give him a bottle a few times to help transition him, and although he takes the bottle he drinks it so quickly he has no time to realize that hes full! Normally he breastfeeds for 20 or so minutes and by the time hes done hes tired and wants to sleep. I have given him the avent glass bottle with the slowest nipple which is a zero and he chugged it in a few minutes and was wide awake wanting more ( he had 3 ounces). I just recently purchased the comotomo bottles but am worried about leaving him this week. Any advice on how to get them to slow down? My ped said to give him a pacifier but he hates it!

Re: Bottle flow too fast?

  • Try pacing him while he feeds. Every 5-10 sucks just tilt the bottle down so there's no milk in the nipple and he'll stop and take a few breaths. Then once his breathing has slowed a little or he starts sucking again you can tilt the bottle back up.

    Hope that makes sense! And I hope it works!
  • We have done pacing with a pacifier in between so she can keep sucking without getting air. We are able to get it to like 10 minutes. Still fast though but better than her just guzzling it.
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  • Also google paced bottle feeding... You basically hold the bottle flat so they have to work a little harder to get it out... And lower the bottle between sucks to give them breaks like they would if they were breastfeeding.
  • Also you could try a preemie nipple as well.
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