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Engorged in morning.

DS is 15 weeks and has been sleeping 11pm til 6am or later for a couple weeks (yay!) It's presented a whole new problem with being engorged though. He gets so much so fast the first couple feeds that he spends the rest of the day spitting up. If I hand pump a little on each side it has stopped the spitting up but isn't that still telling my body to produce that large amount of milk? I had hoped by now it would have kind of balanced out but so far it hasnt. I haven't been able to pump at all except for small amounts with the hand pump. Any advice on helping to get my body used to missing the MOTN feeds?

Re: Engorged in morning.

  • When my DD started sleeping through the night, I pumped one side and fed her on the other. She would empty one side so that I was good for the rest of the day. This built up a huge stash for me. I also fed her reclined back which helped the milk to come out a little slower.
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  • Maybe try hand expressing with massage in the morning before he feeds. I'm an exclusive pumper since my son is in the nicu and I find whenever I get engorged cause we've been out pumping doesn't get rid of the engorgement, I need to massage and hand express. I usually do it over the Coyne into a clean bottle so I can still use the milk.
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