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My husband doesn't like me

it seems like since DS has been born mybhisband and I continue to grow further part. We find all the things that bother us about it each other and not take the time and effort to pit into our relationship. DS will be 10 months soon..
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Re: My husband doesn't like me

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    You're not alone there. My partner and I have drifted, the silence between us is deafening lately. The last week or so I've been trying to reopen the communication between us, he agreed to keep trying, but some days I'm terrified it's too late. And then other days seems a bit better.
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    We're there issues before LO was born? Honestly the first few years are always hard on a relationship. This is my 3rd baby. (New marriage, my older kids are 18&12, so basically starting over.)And it's definitely hard on us. We can't have sex, since our babe won't sleep.... I'm exhausted, so I'm short tempered, and so is he... But if there were issues prior to LO, they will still be here now. Try just having compassion for the change between you. There is a new person in your home who gets all of the attention, that's usually really hard on dad. (>_<)
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    It comes in waves. We keep addressing the problem and then Rey to work it out. It gets better for a short time and the reoccurs. I think there were issues prior to LO but now they stick out more and we are getting more distracted and frustrated by them
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    We fight a lot now too.
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