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Low Lying Placenta

I was told i have low lying placenta at my 18 week scan and they told me to go back for an ultrasound at 20 weeks to see if its moved up.. I was given some restrictions. Has anyone else been told that they have/had low lying placenta? If so what are some things you recommend doing to try and get it to move upwards.

Re: Low Lying Placenta


    There is another thread already about this.  But yes, I was told yesterday at 19w5d that I have one.  I go back in 1 month to see if its moved.  There really aren't any tricks to do make your placenta move. If its attached properly it will move up as the uterus moves up.

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  • I just got told today that I have one to and its started to almost cover cervix. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and was fine. I was complety shocked when I heard this morning to hear this. My placenta has slightly detached in a tiny spot because of my clot. I also checked checked in a month to see if it moves. Nothing they can do to make it move has to on it's own.
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