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95 percentile for weight

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My baby girl is a chunky monkey she has been since a growth spurt at her 4 month appointment. I know I shouldn't worry but of course I do. I feed her on cue but I'm thinking I should probably get her on a schedule. She's been eating solids here and there since 5 months which is also the time she became formula fed and once I started her solids she stopped puking up as much. She rolls over a lot but can't crawl because she's too big

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  • My LO is 90th percentile & has rolled, but only like 3 times. I also believe this to be because he's huge. It's still a bit early for crawling. I wouldn't worry about that just yet.
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  • I wouldn't be worried as long as your baby seems happy. What does your Dr. say? Are they worried?
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  • My DD has been steadily gaining since we got over her issues with jaundice. She's in the 87th percentile for height and 98th for weight. She rolls on both sides and tries to crawl ( no luck yet, as she can't quite get her belly off the floor). My pediatrician isn't worried yet since she's hit all her other milestones. He said 6 months is early for crawling. But he did recommend a federally funded program called the 0-3 program. They come to your home and check on babies progress. It might be worth a look to see if your state offers the program.
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    My niece was always in the 95th percentile, I wouldn't worry. All babies hit milestones at their own pace, but they all catch up in the end. My niece was late on the crawling and walking (she didn't crawl til almost 11 months) but she's now a very happy, healthy and extremely bright 3 year old!

    I do understand how you feel though! I have the opposite problem with weight. My son is on the small side, so I feel like I'm not feeding him enough. We feed on cue too... I've tried to establish a schedule and even offer feedings in between his cues to try to get him to eat more and fatten up, but he refuses. I think at his 4 month appointment he was only in the 15-20th percentile. Dr wasn't worried though. He said he's still in the "normal range" for growth, just on the lower end of it. He's just now finally fitting into 6 month clothes but can still pull off the 3 month clothes (except for footie pajamas, he's too tall).

    I also have a friend who has a 2 and a half month old who is in the 99th percentile and is bigger than my 6 month old. She constantly comments on how tiny my guy is, and it always kind of makes me feel bad. BUT my son is VERY active... he rolls all over the place constantly. He seems more interested in standing/walking than crawling though. I lay him down and he tries to get his feet under himself instead of his knees! When holding him he usually prefers to stand and bounces non-stop. I'm actually tired now just thinking about it lol. He's going to definitely keep me on my toes once he's officially mobile.

    I wouldn't worry too much if your LO isn't crawling yet. I know ONE person only who's kid started crawling by 6 months (a little before actually) but he's super early. Every baby has their own pace and it won't matter by the time they are toddlers!
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  • My son is in the 85th percentile for weight and height. Been on solids since 4 months, and formula fed since 2 weeks old due to low breast milk supply.
    He has been rolling over both ways and non stop moving since 4 and a half months, and started army crawling on Monday just gone!

    I wouldn't worry at all. All babies are different. If worried, I'd just talk to your gp, but I don't think there would be any issues
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