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Mt. Auburn midwifes vs Cambridge birth center

Does anyone have any experience with these two practices? I am currently at Mt. Auburn but thinking of switching. What do you think?

Re: Mt. Auburn midwifes vs Cambridge birth center

  • I had my first baby with the midwives at Cambridge Birth Center. I started at the birth center and was transferred to Cambridge hospital. I liked the midwife that did my prenatal visits and the midwife that delivered my baby. I did however have a not so pleasant experience with the two midwives that were at the birth center when I arrived in labor. They made me feel like it was too early to be there and one even remarked that I didn't seem to be in labor since I was doing well between contractions . I was 4cm when I arrived. They immediately stripped my membranes without telling me first and proceeded to intervene in several ways to attempt to speed things up. I felt very rushed during my labor. I'm expecting my second child now and needless to say I won't be going back there. I'm doing a home birth this time. Good luck and I hope this helps you decide. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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