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Hello everyone. I am currently pregnant & due April 30th... I am 11 weeks 3 days). I miscarried in April at 8 weeks. So far my doctor says everything looks good... 159 bpm at 7 weeks & 179 bpm at 10 weeks. I am still so worried about something happening. I go in for another appointment next Monday. One of my main symptoms has been nausea & breast tenderness... Now those symptoms are gone. Anyone else second guessing & worried?

Re: Worried?

  • I'm pretty sure every single woman on here is second guessing and worrying.  You've come to the right place!

    All of those numbers look great!  The symptoms keep changing week to week as I'm sure you've noticed, so not feeling those two any longer might mean you're going to start experiencing something else, or not!  Try not to get too nervous about it.

    Wishing you good luck for your appointment on monday, and remember to "celebrate the now", because right now you are pregnant, and it is wonderful.

    Everyone here is lovely and supportive, so please stick around! x
    1st Pregnancy: EDD 12/31/15; Diagnosed Turner's with terminal cystic hygroma 13wks; induced at 14wks, +3 d+c's.
    2nd Pregnancy: BFP 10/8/15; EDD 6/21/16
  • Thank you for your kind words. I will try to think positive :)
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  • Hi! We have the same due date, and I had a mmc at 8weeks in April, too. my due date is just a day after the day I lost my baby in April. We just gotta remember that we're pregnant today and take it day by day.
    My slight nausea subsided about two weeks ago when I had my last appt, and that's when my breasts started to get sensitive. Have you any new symptoms that came about while the old ones went away?
  • My breasts were the number one thing that worried me. They'd be sore, then completely normal. I'm sure I looked like a pervert, because I'd catch myself touching them to see how they felt!

    As far as the nausea goes, you're probably just getting more rest. I found that when I got plenty of rest I felt fine, but if I was tired or had a long day, then I'd feel nauseous.
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