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Baby clothes- when to start wearing besides sleepers?

i have a bunch of baby clothes but so far sleepers are the only thins I have my baby wear because it's the easiest. My baby will be 4 weeks on Friday. When do u start having them wear pants and sweaters etx? I feel I have too much clothes and they may go to waste?

Re: Baby clothes- when to start wearing besides sleepers?

  • My LO wore those right away for pics etc. good thing because he outgrew 0-3 by 5 weeks (big growth spurt!). LO is now 6.5 weeks and 3-6 is fitting just right. I'll bet he'll be in 6-9 within the next few weeks! I'm so glad I only bought a few outfits in each size!


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  • My LO is 3.5 weeks and I will put him in outfits if we go out somewhere where he may see people. If not he is in sleepers


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  • My baby girl is just starting to fit into a lot of the clothes we have. I generally put her in a cute little outfit if we're going out. If we're staying in I keep her in a sleeper because it's easier!
  • Mine started wearing 0-3 onesies st 2w. We only put pants or jdckets on her when we leave the house
  • I started putting my girl in clothes as soon as we came home from the hospital. Some days she still will wear a sleeper all day but I usually dress her. She had so many clothes so I figured why not!
  • DD1 wore sleepers for 3 months (winter) except a couple times for visiting. This time I had proper clothes in the hospital for pictures, and I've dressed her everytime we go out (except for a couple quick grocery trips). I'm just trying to soak up all the fun of the tiny little clothes.
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  • I've had my daughter in onesies since the hospital. I only had 3 newborn size sleepers and some gowns so she wore onesies and pants during the day then I'd change her to a sleeper or gown at night or throw on a sleepsack over the onesie. Now that she is transitioning to 0-3, I have a lot of outfits so she is wearing them. I think it depends on what clothes you already had when baby was born and you can dress your baby however you want, whenever you want!
  • My LO wears sleepers at night but onsies during the day. I realized he sleeps a lot in sleepers because he's warm so during the day I let him be cooler so he'll stay awake more. I do put him in sleepers if we go out.
  • Our little guy has been wearing onesies since probably week 2. He wears them around the house (no pants) when it's warm, and I'll add pants and socks if we're going out, having visitors, or going on a walk. He wears sleepers to bed or around the house if it's cold (since it's easier than trying to keep his socks on him). He's more than 12 lbs now (6 weeks) and in the 98th percentile for height and 86th for weight, so he won't be in 0-3 for much longer. His sleepers are almost too short for him already!

    I only do his laundry once every week or week and a half, so he's worn everything in his closet in 0-3 at least a few times now.
  • I've always dressed mine in onsies pants and socks during the day and sleepers at night. I feel like it gives me a better sense of order, and it's fun coming up with outfits from my stash of thrifted clothes for her. I just make sure everything's comfortable since she takes her daytime naps in those clothes as well. And we do occasionally have pajama days, usually when I want get to recover from a big outing day that threw off her sleep.
  • Around 6 months
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  • Pretty much just wears onsies, socks and sleepers. I will dress up a onsie with leggings and a sweater if we go out. I did just order the most adorable dress, tights and moccasins from Baby Gap for Thanksgiving! They're having a sale btw.
  • We put our girl in pants with matching shirts and dresses right away. It was mostly sleepers at first, but now at 5 weeks she usually wears an outfit during the day and we change her into a sleeper at night. A shirt, pants, socks and a headband is our go to outfits. We got some plain ones and some patterned ones that we can mix up for different outfits without buying a lot of clothes.
  • Right away. She's a spitter. I wouldn't have enough sleepers if she wore them all day. Mostly wears onesies and legging pants with socks
  • My guy is 6 weeks and is in sleepers 98% of the time. So much easier.
  • heft619 said:

    I started putting my girl in clothes as soon as we came home from the hospital. Some days she still will wear a sleeper all day but I usually dress her. She had so many clothes so I figured why not!

    Same with my LO.
  • We wear outfits (onesies, pants and socks) during the day and sleepers at night. Baby wearing In a sleeper puts a strain on their feet/legs so I need a two piece outfit when I wear her, which is most days.
  • I put outfits on him everyday and have since I brought him home. I use sleepers as his pjs and keep them on all day when it's cold
  • We do outfits and sleepers depending what we are doing.
  • My LO has been wearing onesies and outfits from the day he was born. He doesn't care too much for sleepers and the nb ones we have are too big for him so his feet get stuck. Most days he just wears a onesie because it's easier. I'll stick pants on him if we're going out so he stays warm.
  • I put outfits on him everyday and have since I brought him home. I use sleepers as his pjs and keep them on all day when it's cold

    I do the same thing! We get up, we eat, change diaper, and change from pjs to clothes and we are ready to take on the day.
  • DD pretty much only wears sleepers aside from occasionally wearing a long sleeve onesie and cotton pants. I realized pretty quickly outfits are just unrealistic when they are this little. Since this is #4 for me I basically only pulled out sleepers and onesie/pants outfits. Usually once they have better head control and body control the outfits fit better so I usually switch from 100% sleepers around 4-6mo.
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  • Btw. Any cute pictures of outfits?
    I hope you guys don't mind me sharing one. This was her on Tuesday while we watched the democratic debate.
  • @v1wwo omg where did you find that onsie?! I want one for baby so bad! I was sad that his campaign doesn't offer onsies, I'd totally buy one for her. Ive seen some designs online but they're all kind of meh and I was starting to think I'll just have to make one :-/
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    Oh and for fun baby fashion, I've been having a blast with her 0-3 month clothes!

  • I've had DD in outfits every day and usually a swaddle sack at night. I have a bunch of clothes and if she didn't wear them I'd feel like it would be a waste esp since she no longer fits into newborn at 6 weeks.
  • I started putting my little girl in clothes around 3/4 weeks and that's only because babygrows were the only thing that fit her properly lol x
  • We've been doing onesies/pants since we brought him home, sleepers and "Sweet Pea"-type sleep gowns underneath his swaddle sleep sack overnight.  I have twin nephews who are a year older, and loads of cute hand-me-downs from them, so we've been using them. My little guy is still pretty tiny at three weeks, so the loads of 0-3 months sized stuff we have is still a bit big, and we keep using the newborn sizes (Carter's newborn sizes seem to fit him best, others are a bit big).  He tends to swim in the 0-3 months sizes we have, right now.  But I do try to dress him in actual outfits, because we have them, so why not use them? 
  • I dress my daughter every day. .since she's been home from the hospital
  • here's my baby fashion pic :)
  • We use sleepers strictly as pajamas and during the day he wears real clothes. I feel like changing them in the morning helps them to separate night from day a little better!
  • Baby fashion! Picking out his clothes for the day gets me way too excited
  • Most of LO's outfits are in 3 and 6 month sizes. Not sure how that happened but, unless there's something I see that she "must" have were not adding to an already extensive wardrobe. The few nb or 0-3 outfits she does have are definitely being worn. I think it just all depends on what you have. We didn't buy much in nb because my DH was certain she'd never wear nb sizes (she's his 4th baby)... well....4 weeks old and guess what she can still wear?!?!? Nb!!!! He's fired!
  • My LO is almost 7 weeks and I've found I really hate putting pants on him. He wears pretty much everything else but pants are just such a hastle when it comes to diaper changes. When I do occasionally put them on him, they usually don't go back on after the 2nd diaper change.
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