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Hospital Bag

Hey everyone. I'm pregnant with twins and soon to be transitioning into my third trimester. I figured around Thanksgiving I would start packing my hospital bag. The downside is, I feel like I have no idea what to pack this time around. I thought I'd ask you mamas; what did/will you pack for your twin delivery? I know my ob is going to schedule a c-section (which I've never done before and am a little nervous about). What do I need for that recovery and to help make my time in the hospital more comfortable and enjoyable with two babies?

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Re: Hospital Bag

  • The only things I really used from my hospital bag was comfy slippers/thick socks (they will give you compression socks for afterwards), a robe type thing that buttoned so it was easy to breastfeed and for the nurses to check you (you aren't going to want anything around your waist on your incision), my shower supplies, comfy nursing bras with no underwire, Chapstick... That's really all I used! They give you the mesh underwear (which I actually thought was comfortable since they didn't touch my incision. A know people say to bring a nursing pillow (if you plan to nurse) but I just used the pillows at the hospital to nurse. And they will give you everything for the babies, except for going home outfits! Hope that helps!

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  • Honestly, not much. I packed some sweats, tank tops, nursing bras, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick and shower supplies. I had really loose fitting sweats on, so it was easy for them to do any checks they needed. For babies, I brought picture outfits and going home outfits. The hospital provides the rest! Oh, we brought snacks for myself and my dh. I was always hungry breastfeeding. Simple things like chips, pop tarts or fruit shacks.

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  • I had a whole separate bag packed for the kids and I didn't use any of it. I preferred to stay in the hospital gown and the hospital we used actually had really good food, so I didn't really need snacks. All I needed was shower stuff, nursing bras, and phone/chargers. I also eventually wanted my fluffy bathrobe from home. And a loose fitting outfit to wear home. I liked the mesh undies from the hospital bc they didn't touch my incision. My boys were in the NICU so we ended up bringing in clothes for them eventually but other than that the hospital provided everything they needed. We packed way more than we needed!
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