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Naming Baby after Moms

We have decided to give DD2 the same middle name as my mom and my husband's stepmom, which is Marie. As she is due around Christmas, we had planned to just keep telling people we haven't decided on the name and make it a "present" type surprise when she is born.

Is this okay, or should I run it by them first? I cannot come up with a reason why either of them wouldn't be okay with it, but maybe there is something we haven't thought of?

Re: Naming Baby after Moms

  • My daughters middle name is after my mom. We shared with everyone because we had no issues with letting people in our decision. The only reason I think you might want to tell them is if your husbands mother is in the picture still and she may get hurt feelings and left out if you make a big fuss over it being a present. Otherwise it sounds like a nice Christmas surprise.
  • Either way our LO will have the middle name of my mom or dad. We may even fn William after my dad if we have a boy.

    I want it to be a surprise because I know they will both be honored!

    I don't think you have to ask... It's a nice gesture!
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    My SIL did this with their last baby. They didn't find out the sex, and when she was born, she used my MIL's first name (Laverne) as the baby's middle name. At first MIL seemed very surprised, but it turns she is also super pleased.

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  • Other than DH's mom (if she's still in the picture), I don't see any reason it would be a problem and think it's a lovely surprise.
  • I think anyone would be honored to have a baby named after them and it would be a great surprise. A close friend of our family lost her mother while I was pregnant and we used the moms name as mn. The family was pleasantly surprised. So we have Emeline Violet to honor her mom.
  • Thanks for the input ladies! My husband's birth mom is still in the picture. She left when he was around 11 and was pretty flighty until he was 19-20, so his stepmom is huge to us. Also, DD1 has the same middle initial as his birth mom, so that's kind of our "get out of jail" card if she were to be upset.

    We aren't planning on making the middle name a big deal to everyone, just my mom and his stepmom. We also chose is as a variant on Mary, as a Christian name, since DD1 has Grace.

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