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Hi ladies, I need your help! Chose HUP for my first appointment in a few weeks as from reputation I felt like that was the automatic place to go. I have been researching like crazy and see more reviews for Penn and not much for HUP, so now I'm 2nd. Guessing. Does anyone have experiences on HUP you can share to help reassure this choice? Please help I can't stop googling, thanks!


  • HUP and Penn are the same thing. Within Penn Medicine Health System there are 2 places where you can deliver; HUP, which is at 34th and Spruce or at Pennsylvania Hospital, which is at 800 Spruce St. Again, they are both through the university of PA health system or also referred to as Penn Medicine. They are both great choices. Depends on what you think is easier to get to. I am Penn employee and have a higher level of insurance coverage if I deliver at Penn. I still have to pick an OB and for convenience I think I'll go to HUP.
    Good luck!!!
  • I am delivering at Pennsylvania Hospital (800 Spruce) and most people I know have also delivered there. The maternity ward was completely renovated about 2 years ago and all rooms are singles now. I think L&D is a particular specialty of Pennsy. That said, I know people who have delivered at HUP and had perfectly good experiences. I think HUP is the place to be for VBAC. I think you'll be fine either way.
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  • Who is you OB? I still have to pick one. I heard HUP doesn't have all single rooms so I may do PAH instead.
    When are you due? I'm only 7 wks; still a was to go
  • I am due in 7 weeks! I go to Penncare OB/GYN in 800 Walnut st. I see Dr. Mellen, and know others who have seen some of the others in that practice and have liked them. There is also a midwifery practice in that building that was recommended to me by friends. MFM is also in that building which makes it convenient for scans and seeing the genetics counselor etc. At Pennsy (and HUP too I think) they use a laborist model, so you could be delivered by anyone in a number of practices and it likely won't be your OB. I got my care from an OB but plan to ask for the midwife when I deliver because I'm hoping for low intervention.

    For what it's worth, I had a tough time choosing between HUP and Pennsy because I'm giving birth in January and live 5 minutes from HUP compared to 15-20 minutes from Pennsy. Right now I'm happy with the choice I made, but I might revise that if there is a blizzard when I go in to labor ;)
  • I vote Pennsy, it has a great reputation for labor & delivery and it is closer to me than HUP.

    @emzie54 - I also go to the 800 Walnut office for my OBGYN but there are at least two or three PennCare OB practices there so we might not be at the same one. 
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