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RANT: stupid waitress almost ruined my secret

Good morning all, I am currently traveling with my work colleagues for a conference. Everyone has been going out every day once the sessions are over. Although difficult, I have not been drinking and people haven't been noticing too much. (It is like 30 of us). Last night was a big night because we can an evening event and went out as a group. I went to let the waitress know that I wanted a ginger ale with a lemon wedge in a cocktail glass-that's all I said. She came back and was distributing drinks and then said "who is the pregnant lady?" A few people heard. First off, I never uttered the word pregnant! I obviously I denied it. I was furious, and because of that people believed me that I wasn't. What in the hell is wrong with her? I think I dodged a bullet there, but never making that mistake again. If I wanted people to know I wouldn't have pulled her a side without anyone knowing...I think it is best if I stop socializing until after frist tri :(. It would be awful if work knew before my mother! That is all-happy friday
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Re: RANT: stupid waitress almost ruined my secret

  • WTF. I'd wanna slap her for being so insensitive. It was none of her business to say that. There are plenty of ppl who just don't drink.
  • Yeah I would not be a happy camper.  No tip for your miss waitress although it sounds like your company paid for the event.
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  • That is ridiculous. I have been avoiding social outings all together for this first tri. It sucks and might be suspicious in itself but I'm a bad liar!!

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