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4 month old LO - breastfeeding issues for a MONTH!

My son is due to be 4 months old on Monday. For the past month (basically ever since he hit 3 months), he has completely refused to breastfeed except a small handful of times (I can count them on one hand). When we get into position, he either:

A) latches, sucks for a few seconds, then pulls off and cries/screams until he gets a bottle
or B) refuses to even try and proceeds to cry/scream until he gets a bottle

We have had to almost completely formula feed at this point because his nap times/durations are so inconsistent that being by myself at home and trying to pump while he naps is almost impossible unless he sleeps more than 15 minutes (which doesn't happen sometimes), plus trying to take care of myself and the house BEFORE pumping doesn't leave me much time, if any, to even try. I'm taking fenugreek to increase my milk supply, but I don't know if it's doing anything. I don't know if his issues are because of my supply, a nursing strike, or if he's just impatient. What can I do? I'll be speaking to his pediatrician when we go for his 4 month visit at the end of the month.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you! <3
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Re: 4 month old LO - breastfeeding issues for a MONTH!

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    This is obviously up to you, but if you really want to keep breastfeeding, you should really try to make pumping a priority for now. I know it sucks and it's hard to fit in, especially when baby doesn't nap well. It may be that he is getting frustrated with the slow flow that comes along with BFing? What size bottle nipples do you use? You may also want to see a lactation consultant. Sometimes they are more help than doctors are with that stuff.
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    I have ep since day 1. My pump is in dds room near the toys so I put that sucker on my boobs and play with her. And yes sometimes she doesn't like me pumping but either I deal with the screaming or quit and start again a little later. It definitely takes dedication but so does breastfeeding.
    At 3 months they do become distracted but you would see that with bottle feeding too.
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    See a lactation consultant for sure, and be sure too they check as well for lip/tongue tie.  If that's an issue making the breast that much harder than the bottle, lo for sure will prefer the bottle.  Try different positions too.  My lo sometimes won't latch on one side (flat nipple) if I'm upright, but will if we're side lying in bed.
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