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Post d&c appt and the doc said one period then we have the green light. I really don't want to wait. She said there really isn't that much risk to the baby except having extra dna in the uterus. She said it is mostly for dating purposes.

Anyone go against medical advice?

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  • I don't think anyone should recommend you to go against your doctor's advice.  While some here have gotten pregnant before their first period after the D&C most didn't do it on purpose. 

    Take this cycle to mourn your little one, and start new next cycle.
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  • I agree with PP. I didn't want to wait either but am glad we did. My body wasn't quite ready until after that first cycle. I had a really jacked up period 30 days post d&c. Amazingly- we conceived easily after my second cycle and things are going well so far. I've been pregnant twice in 4 months and that's been a lot on my body and my hormones. Good luck.
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    I'd take your doc's advice because it is applicable to you, and only you. Your doc is certified unlike google and other people. We are all different and our docs guide us based on our individual history and tendencies.
    My doc advised me to wait two cycles so you don't have to wait too long. Some people are told to wait three cycles.
  • I'm really glad I didn't try right after. My first period after the D&C lasted 3 weeks of heavy bleeding, it was terrible. Honestly, whether it is 100% necessary to wait or not isn't the point, it's about what's doing what's best for you physically and mentally. One month is not a long time to wait in the grand scheme of things. 
  • Well, since I had 3 d+c's I'd say my case is a little different, but I'm with the previous posters-  just wait the one cycle.  It will be a very weird/intense period and I feel like you body needs to go through it to truly hit the reset button.  It's hard to wait (and I had to wait 2.5 months of spotting and two more d+c's!!) but it's worth it.

     I just had the one period, 4wks after the last procedure, tried afterward, and here we are.  Super early and freaked out, but pregnant.

    Best of luck to you.
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  • My body took 5 months to regroup and conceive again. I am older and have hard pregnancies too.
  • We waited and our doctor recommended three months! I had the opposite problem of @mandymost, my first couple of periods were really light and I was worried that my lining wouldn't have been able to support a pregnancy in that condition.
  • My doc at the time didn't recommend anything. I decided I wanted to wait. I was pretty messed up after our mmc. He wrote me a prescription for the pill at my 4 week post op. The plan was to wait 6 months and try again. Little did I know I was pregnant again before I went to that check up. I even started the pill. That ended up being my rainbow baby. While I don't recommend that, that's my story. Lol
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  • I've read a few places that there has been some reports of slight risk for additional miscarriages for women who didn't wait at least one cycle after D&C (I would link, but can't find articles right now). Plus, if you don't know when you ovulate, or have any clue, the initial doctors appointments might be really tough-usually you have a clue how far along you should be about and the dating scan can support that. If you have no clue when you ovulated, it would be more difficult to tell if the baby is growing right or is struggling. It took me 40 days after D&C to have a period again and I wouldnt have had any clue when (if) I ovulated that month.

    I've heard you have to let your hcg levels reset (which should happen after D&C) but some women report it took awhile. So they took a pregnancy test, it was positive, they thought they were pregnant again, and then thought they had a chemical. Maybe have the doc do a follow up blood test to make sure all of the hormones are out of your system.

    Try to reduce any possible stress or heart ache as much as possible! Good luck to you and can't wait to see you back here soon with your announcement.
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