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Are my names really that bad?

I showed my shortlist of girl names to a co-worker the other day and she made a face at them, I didn't think they were that bad but now I'm rethinking them.  I figured I'd get honest opinions here, do I need to go back to the drawing board?

Audrey Elaine
Ella Harper
Abigail Leia
Lucille Joan

Elaine, Ella, Abigail, Lucille and Joan are all family names, the other names are just names I like, are they really bad or do I need o go back to the drawing board?

Re: Are my names really that bad?

  • No, not at all!  These are all great names!  Ella/Ellie and Harper are pretty trendy right now but other than that I think that you have some solid choices.  
  • I think they are pretty good. Audrey Elaine is very pretty.

    Everyone has different tastes, but there is nothing "wrong " with the names you posted.
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  • Every single one of those names are beautiful! Sounds like she just doesn't share your taste, which is excellent. I have an Audrey and we get a ton of compliments on it.
  • Love them all! My favorite would be Ella Harper (Ella has been a favorite name of mine since my aunt named my cousin that 20 years ago).

    Audrey would be my second choice.

    Good job!
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  • Thank you!  I guess it is just a matter of personal taste, I haven't shown these names to my SO, so let's hope he thinks they are decent names. lol

  • I think it's a very nice list. My favorite is Audrey. I can't see how anyone could make a face at that!

  • This is a very nice list. I'm also a fan of Audrey Elaine. Abigail Leia is my second (I'm a Star Wars geek).
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  • I quite like them.
  • My best friend has suggested some names to me - Jade, Alicia, Audra. It's not that I don't like these names, they just arnt my style. Your coworker probably feels similarly, although she didn't need to make a face to convey that to you!

    I like the names on your list.

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    Nope I like all of them except leia. Audrey Elaine is my fav. Your coworker is cray.
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    Go show your coworker these responses and make a face back. ;)

    I LOVE Audrey Elaine, it is a gorgeous combination! Harper and Leia are not my style, but they are well-balanced by classic Abigail and Ella. Lucille is very pretty and underused and I'm a fan of honoring family. Great choices!

    ETA: spelling.
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  • I think you choices are great, classic names.  Maybe it's a good thing your co-worker doesn't get a vote in naming your baby!
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  • I love Audrey, that was on my list for my LO! (Couldn't sell it - She ended up with Celia) Harper and leia were tossed around as well, I decided Harper was too popular for me and as much as we love Star Wars I didn't think she'd ever live down the gold bikini haha

    Not sure what problem someone would have with any of your names!
  • Lucille is nms but all your names/combos are really nice!  I especially love Audrey Elaine.
  • I don't think I'd sic Lucille & Joan on a kid. Only one of those and use it in middle. Just my opinion.
  • Love the first 2 names! Nothing wrong with the last 2 names I just prefer the first 2!
  • Not bad at all! I was expecting some crazy made up names from your title. I think any of your four names would be really nice for a your girl. 


  • These are great names! I was expecting some trendy madeup mess!! Love Audrey the most, but they're all great!
  • I like them all. I think Ella is going to get mixed in with those Emma/Emmeline kids though. But they are all lovely names.
  • I like Audrey! I'm getting the same thing, I'm getting the nose up to all the names I like but as my best friend told me, its whatever u like not what eveeyone else thinks.....
    Everyone gave her a hard time when she named her daughter EllieMae ( I thought the same thing but kept quiet lol) but it honestly fits her daughter perfect ...
  • Love them all. Ella is my least favorite though, because it's overused in my area.
  • Those names are lovely! Lucille Joan maybe doesn't flow as well, but I LOVE Audrey Elaine!
  • Ummmm they are all great.
    She is probably like my coworkers who are telling me to use Jude for a girl (since it was our boy name and we haven't decided on a girl name). Terrible.
  • You know what I think? Your coworker must like garbage if THESE made her turn her nose up.

    Any of these names is perfectly lovely! Audrey Elaine is just gorgeous and my favorite--the way it flows is heavenly.

  • They are all great! Go with what you like, it's your child!
  • They are all very pretty names
  • Love Audrey!
  • Your coworker is crazy. Your names are beautiful. Audrey has always been in my top 5 favorite names, but I also love Lucille. I have to say my vote would go to Abigail Leia though because the use of Leia is just awesome.
  • These are all beautiful! I adore Audrey Elaine and think it's a lovely combo. You seem to be into classic and timeless names. People who are just into whatever is currently trendy won't appreciate your style.
  • So I asked my co-worker what names she would use on her child. Jaxton, China, and Marley were on the list. Me thinks that this is just a case of my names not being her style.

    Oh my goodness.
  • Your names are fine. It's your coworker who's terrible. Don't show anyone else your name choices in the future.
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  • I really like ALL of your choices! My favorite being Audrey Elaine.
  • So I asked my co-worker what names she would use on her child. Jaxton, China, and Marley were on the list. Me thinks that this is just a case of my names not being her style.
    Oh now it makes sense. 

    Honey, your coworker has bad taste. 
  • Love Audrey Elaine!
  • Thank you for all the replies! I love that so many people like Audrey Elaine. It's actually my first choice, hopefully my SO likes the name when I tell him my name ideas.
  • I like all of them, but love Audrey Elaine. Lucille is my mom's middle name and she grew up despising it, but I like it. 
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