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Long time looking just couldn't bring myself to post until now. My nerves are shot. Miscarried @6 weeks in June. Dnc July and 4 weeks now. Just found out today. First set of blood work set for Monday. This will be my first child. Any advice?

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    Congratulations, my only advice is to just breathe.
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  • Just breathe!! Those first few weeks can be rough but your nerves should slowly get better. I had two mmc in the past year and i'm 11 wks now. This will be my first as well. I know it's really hard when you have never had a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully your numbers will be great and that will bring you some peace of mind. We also decided to tell our parents at 6 wks and it actually helped us a lot. With my history it was really hard on us to go through it alone and i think we were both tired of having to tell them about mc's. Congratulations and i have my fingers crossed for you!!
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  • I would say to.relax and breathe but knowing first hand that is probably not going to happen lol try and enjoy everyday that you are pregnant. This time I have a picture of my baby. I didn't get that with the last one. So just wake up everyday and tell yourself today I am pregnant with a baby that I love and adore.
  • Getting pregnant after a loss is both joyful and scary.. Just know that this pregnancy is completely different to your previous.. hope you can try and relax and breathe! Congratulations:)
  • Congratulations!! Pregnancy after a loss is a total roller coaster. I would say don't set expectations about how you'll feel or what you'll do. I felt terrible for being disconnected from the baby at first (though thrilled to be pregnant). I also worried way past when I miscarried last time which I didn't expect and I'm still pretty paranoid. Keeping active and having a couple of close people, especially those who experienced a loss, to listen to my worries without judgment or trying to tell me everything would be ok helped keep me sane. Here's to a very happy and healthy 9 months!
  • I am on the same boat, a little over 5 w here. I had my mmc at 11 weeks last time so it will be loooong road for me too. I agree with PPs, take it one day at a time. We will get through this anxious time together. Remember "we are pregnant today!" It's my daily/hourly mantra haha!
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  • Thanks everyone! It's great knowing that there is a community here that I can talk to.
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