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NoVa Hospitals-best for natural unmedicated birth

I'm looking around at the local hospitals and am wondering if any of you delivered at a hospital that allowed things like moving around during labor with intermittent monitoring and delivering in a position other than on your back?

Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover any midwives in the area, so I would be dealing with an OB. I have a history of uneventful unmedicated births, and am fearful of having to fight for the things I know are important for the best birth outcome possible. Thanks in advance!

Re: NoVa Hospitals-best for natural unmedicated birth

  • Not sure if Fredericksburg is considered "Northern Virginia", but Mary Washington was awesome for us. I was able to shower, eat, walk around, and use a birthing ball. The nurses recommended a variety of positions later on in labor, but I was told to push lying on my back. I'm sure they would've been open to other options if I had asked. My OB was Brenda Hines at New Beginnings OB/GYN, if that matters. She was so positive. 

    (PS, I know this reply is a little late. Hopefully it still helps!)
  • I know it's late, but the Natural Birthing Center at INOVA Loudoun sounds like what you're looking for!
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