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Hair is falling out....a lot!!!!

So my little peanut it 16weeks old... I have noticed that in the pass 2 weeks my hair is falling out a lot. Any help for this?

Re: Hair is falling out....a lot!!!!

  • Unfortunately there isnt much you can do about it. If it makes you feel any better, it's a pretty common postpartum symptom. My Lo is 19 weeks and the hair loss has been going on strong since he was about a month old.
  • It's normal and it looks like more than it actually is.
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  • Thank u ladies!!!
  • How can I make it stop? I'm so close to having a Britney moment! I'm tired of the hair being on everything. I could make a Barbie head every time I shower, that's how much comes out.
  • SmrBrd2012SmrBrd2012 member
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    Yeah same here. My shower wall gets covered as I comb my hair with my hands, the drain gets blocked, and still more comes out when I brush my hair after the shower. It's all over the bathroom floor and I'm so tired of picking it up that I just leave it there now. :( I don't think there is anything you can do. I think I've read that it's worse with breastfeeding but I don't know if that's accurate. It'll stop eventually.
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    Totally normal hormone drop and resting period of growth, but I'm with you it sucks!! I've been losing a LOT as well (since around 4 mo pp, now 6 mo pp) it's awful and I get really frustrated and sad when I look at myself and try to do something with my hair and cover the thinning practically balding patches on the temples. Keep taking your prenatal vitamin, twice a day even. I'm adding a hair and nails vitamin (ok-ed by OB), and I got a haircut. The shorter hair is less traumatic when it comes out in handfuls! But a drawback that I can't just throw it in a French braid!! I just hate how it's everywhere too, I have to check myself before nursing and always pull hairs away from his hands. He pooped out a whole long hair once, made me feel so bad and nervous!! I'm told 6 mo to a year to start growing again. If it's really bad ask to get your thyroid levels checked as that can be a cause if extreme cases.
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