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Antibiotics and pregnancy

I was put on amoxicillin yesterday for a sinus infection. I've had a cold since the end of August that just turned into a sinus infection. I'm in lots of pain so I'm glad to take meds to help. But has anyone noticed different side effects while pregnant? I never noticed any side effects from amoxicillin previously but now it's making me really nauseated/queasy.

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  • I always used to get nauseous when I took amoxicillin without food, so if you never noticed it before, you may just be more susceptible to it?

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • ^WSS. Try it with some food!
  • I did take it with food. And now I just had spotting when i went to the bathroom so of course now I'm freaking out
  • dtaded13 said:
    I did take it with food. And now I just had spotting when i went to the bathroom so of course now I'm freaking out
    Have you called your doctor?

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • I was on different ABX with my daughter, and I've been on a couple different ones with this pregnancy as well.. No side effects for me, but I am not very sensitive to ABX in general. I had more issues taking prenatals this pregnancy than I did ever taking ABX. 

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  • I had to take an antibiotic at 16 weeks for BV... It was fine and cleared up the infection, but then I did get some sort of oral virus which my doc said could have been because of the antibiotics. Or it could have been something else. Both issues are totally resolved now though!
  • @jaimeruns I think I accidentally hit the report button on your response! I hurried and cancelled but if you get a report I'm sorry! I'm glad everything has resolved for you!

    @brushesnbrunch yes I called yesterday and was told to keep an eye on it. I haven't felt him move since yesterday morning so we're currently at the Drs waiting to be seen
  • keep us posted! Sending postive thoughts your way!

    Baby F.......02/02/2016
  • @brushesnbrunch thank you! Everything was just fine. He was wiggling around with a good strong heartbeat!
  • @dtaded13 LOL no worries. I haven't gotten anything about it so I think it was cancelled. Thanks for the heads up though. Have a great weekend! :)
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