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First appointment and sonogram...

Ladies, did your significant other come with you for your first appointment?  I'm so nervous I've told my husband I wanted to go alone, despite his wanting to go.  Wondering if anyone else's anxiety is/was the same...

Re: First appointment and sonogram...

  • My husband has gone to all of my appointments so far. Good forbid something be wrong you will probably want him there for support.

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  • I know you're scared but this is his baby too. If he's excited and wants to be there I don't see the harm. Besides, as pp noted if something is wrong you'll want his support.

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    Mine didnt, he had to work. He came to the appt where we first heard the heartbeat though. If ur husband wants to come u should probably let him :-)

  • I've always given my husband the option to go. I didn't care either way except for ultrasound appts. He's always wanted to come, so if he can he does.
  • My husband has only went with me to the ultrasounds. The OB appointments I go on my own.
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  • I think it's so great he wants to go! My husband will be coming to all the big ones, and some of the small ones if I want the extra support. Usually when I'm anxious he helps me feel better.

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  • He came today for the first sonogram. Good thing too .....was 12 weeks along, but thought I was only 7 or 8. He was beyond excited :-)
  • it's totally normal to be anxious/nervous about appointments, especially the first few ones. i know i sure was! but, IMHO, if your SO wants to come to the appointment you should let him, despite your nervousness. it's his child as well & he should be allowed to be present at appointments. i know my SO would be crushed if i told him i didnt want him to come to something so important.
  • My husband went to every appointment with our first. He wasn't planning on going to every appointment with this one but has so far. If he wants to go I would absolutely let him. I think it's great he wants to be involved.

  • Ours is next Monday, and purposely scheduled it that way since DH is off and can come with me. He will only be coming to any appointments that involve hearing/seeing baby. Anything else I can handle alone. Agree with PPS, why not let him come? You are taking a very important opportunity away from him.

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    I agree with the comments above. My husband was mesmerized when he saw the heartbeat of our baby. It was real to him and not just a piece of paper or a peed stick. Why would you not want to share? keep in mind it is his baby too...
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    We got to see our baby very clearly at our first appointment.  It definitely made it real to my husband, and now he's more ready to think about getting ready for baby (we have some work that needs to be done on our house, etc.).

    We were there for 4 hours!  Consultation with nurse, doctor appointment, ultrasound, labs, etc.  Besides him wanting to come along because he wants to, he should also be informed and contribute. 

    If you're worried about your husband being there for the exam...don't.  They use a cover and my hubby was sitting off to the side.  He didn't see anything.  But I think it's good prep for being there for delivery.  
  • My husband did not go to my first appointment, but that was just a talking appointment really. He is also not coming to my first sonogram as we didn't think I'd be getting one so soon, but I'm getting one next week. I'm glad he won't be there; if something is wrong, I'd rather process it alone first. He WILL be at our 12 week appointment to hear the heartbeat.
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