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Doctor Vent! Long, sorry.

I'm considered high risk due to my placenta being too low, having excess amniotic fluid, and most recently echogenic bowel. All of which I've posted about recently. Last week they saw on an ultrasound that a small bit of the baby's bowel was "echogenic," meaning it appears brighter than it should. This could be caused by a number things. They tested my blood for infections like toxoplasmosis and CMV (cytomegalovirus), among other things. Yesterday they called me and said all of the tests they ordered came back clear. I thought ok, great, now I can cross those things off the list of possible causes of the echogenic bowel. I've been googling and stressing over all of the possible outcomes and I have to wait another 2 weeks for my next appointment. Then last night I was having pretty bad period like cramps and a couple of contractions that lasted for about 2 hours. Right at the point when I was about to get up and call the doctor they subsided and I fell back asleep. I did call him this morning and he told me to come in and check it out. My cervix is still long and closed, so that's good. However, he went over the blood test results that the perinatalogist's office called me about yesterday. He said I DO have antibodies for CMV, so I have been exposed at some point in my life. Hello?! The nurse just told me everything was clear.... So now I've been trying to get in touch with the nurse practitioner at the perinatalogist's office all day because they should be doing another test to see when I was infected. If it was since becoming pregnant the baby is much more likely to have issues because of it. I'm so fucking sick of waiting 3 weeks to get any information, only to get additional bad news and no fucking answers to my questions. I would switch doctors by now, but it's not the doctor I'm frustrated with, it's the perinatalogist. Where I live every other doctor is part of a huge practice and you never know who you're going to see, appointments take forever, and I just hate that. i just wanted to bitch because I'm so frustrated and scared and argghhhhh!!! I just want to know why the baby has an echogenic bowel and why I have too much fluid. Why is this so difficult and why does it take so long to find out???

Re: Doctor Vent! Long, sorry.

  • I'm so sorry!!! That is so stressful. I hope you get some answers really soon. It is super messed up how they are treating you.
  • As far as CMV, they don't generally need to run another test to see when the exposure was, they can tell by the level of antibodies in your blood from the original test (IgG & IgM). Once you have had the virus, you will show antibodies for life. This is a good thing, ensuring the primary infection cannot occur during pregnancy because you have already been exposed. The nurse telling you that your results are clear, plus him telling you that you have antibodies most likely indicates that you had the virus before pregnancy and is not what is causing the concerns with your baby. I know you are super stressed. I hope they have answers for you soon!
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  • I agree that the all clear earlier was probably indicating you had been exposed before preg and thus it was not a concern. So sorry you are having concerns that aren't being fully explained, hope you ge the full answers to things quickly so your mind can be put at ease.
  • @beckerlaine Thanks for the info, that makes me feel better. :) I'm still trying to talk to someone there so they can tell me that themselves.
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