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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sickness

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Is anybody else still getting sick? I am 24 weeks and still throw up (sorry, gross!). It doesn't happen all the time though. Just curious if any other mamas get sick still and what causes it. For me it's when I eat too much but this morning I didn't eat much but still got sick...

Re: Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sickness

  • How funny, I was just going to ask this in a topic myself.  I have (weirdly) thrown up way more in the second tri than in the first!  I was nauseous constantly in the first tri but I never threw up.  For some reason in second tri I've had a crazy sensitive gag reflex.  No nausea, but I've thrown up from coughing while having a cold a couple of times now and today I puked because I *thought* I was about to cough.  I didn't even actually cough!  Just cut straight to throwing up.  It's only happened maybe 3-4 times in the last few weeks but it's been really annoying, to say the least, and I'm hoping it stops soon!  (I'm 22 weeks, 3 days.)

    @anightintunisia I'd ask your OB about the cause.  I know mine is sensitive gag reflex related, but I'm yours may be acid reflux related (if you say it happens sometimes when you eat too much) or just still hormonal, like first trimester nausea.  Anyway, sorry we're in the same boat and hope your throwing up stops soon too!
  • Yep! Still taking diclectin. Still eating cereal at odd intervals when I'm a bit queasy. Still getting sick random moments or it I cough too hard.
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  • Me too, unfortunately. My OB told me that it will probably stick around the entire time now. Awesome! 

    I haven't been able to nail down a pattern to it. I do know that if I miss my evening dose of Diclegis I'm in big trouble, though. It seems to me that there are just good days and bad. 

    Hope you're feeling better soon!
  • @maureenmce - I totally had something like that. I woke up in the middle of the night last week alternatively vomiting and coughing!
  • My first tri was hell and I threw up and felt sick all the time, it tapered off to about once a week and it's now once every other week or less. For SOME reason it seems to be a Monday morning before I've eaten, which is very unpleasant, at least if I had time to eat it wouldn't be so painful and gross. Luckily I throw up, feel a bit crap for a couple hours then go back to normal. I wish I wasn't still sick but I am very greatful that it's not every week anymore and only in the mornings. 22w 5d.
  • The HG has tapered off for me thank goodness, but I still throw up occasionally if food is not solid enough or I eat too much etc.
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