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5 weeks No sore boobs

5 weeks and no symptoms or sore boobs. Is it normal or bad to not have sore boobs right now.? The only symptoms i have is crampy, headaches and increased appetite.

How long have people gone without sore boobs?

Re: 5 weeks No sore boobs

  • There are TONS of threads on this topic. Check the search bar at the bottom and search for no symptoms. You'll find a lot of comforting information.

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  • Okay thank you! Im atill trying to get use to this app haha
  • No worries, just thought I'd help out in finding info

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  • it's fine.
  • I'm a little over 6 weeks and my boobs didn't start getting really sore till right around the 5 week mark, where you're at. They're in full force right now. I'm sure everyone is different but from my friends have told me a lot of their symptoms really peaked around 6-8 weeks.
  • My symptoms have just started after 7 weeks, sore breasts but no ms. I too was quite worried thinking the worst but they found a perfect baby at my first ultrasound. I guess we are the lucky ones.. :)
  • My boobs started getting sensitive from 8.5weeks so don't worry! Everyone is different.
  • Everyone is different. It's normal. Use the search function and you'll see.

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  • Why do people think sore boobs are the be-all, end-all pregnancy symptom?
  • Mine started hurting toward the end of week 5, I think. Don't worry - I'm sure yours will hurt soon enough. :-)

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  • Hey lovely. I had a MC in July and am now 7 weeks pregnant. I haven't had sore boobs and drove myself crazy with worry. Went for a scan yesterday and there the baby was, forming brilliantly and heart beating away. Sonographer said that it was all perfect. Don't be worrying if you don't have lots of symptoms! Every woman is different x
  • I'm 12 weeks, but I wouldn't say I've noticed any significant change in soreness.  I'm already large chested (40G bra size), so they've always been heavy, but other than the occasional nipple sensitivity, they haven't been any more sore than normal. I've read once you're further along and the milk starts to come in, you'll notice it then.
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