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Sore heads and dizzy spells

Ive been getting real bad headaches with dizzy spells had to be sent home from work because i nearly passed out what could it be? Doctor reckons its jus morning sickness but my morning sickness has passed a few weeks ago..

Re: Sore heads and dizzy spells

  • The bump app mentioned you might get dizzy/headaches around 11/12 weeks.. Totally normal. Make sure you hydrate and don't stand up too fast. I've had some dizzy spells for sure.
  • Ill be 19 weeks on friday though and my morning sickness passed at around 12 weks..
  • @annieb28 then shouldn't this be posted in 2nd tri boards?

    Anyway, it is a common symptom in the second trimester along with headaches.

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  • If you are looking for similiar experiences probably post this on 2nd trimester as most women posting here are in their first trimester. 

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  • Wait which trimester is this for?!?
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  • Yes infact i was 4 weeks further along i just posted it here because this is the only board ive been on since comeing on to this sight
  • Well you really should post this in the 2nd trimester board so you can get answers that apply to you. Also, so if other moms in their 1st trimester read comments they won't be confused. If you've already brought this problem up to your doctor then there may not be other advice anyone can give you. Headaches and dizziness are pretty common and can be attributed to a lot of different things. Also with the morning sickness, that can last a whole pregnancy.
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